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  1. I called him out on his BS and he blocked me real quick . But I do agree with him regarding TW. The WR class in the draft is very good and we can draft 2 that are talented to contribute right away. PRich, Sims, Doctson, Quinn, 2 rookie WRs and then our TE’s should turn out to be formidable for whoever is throwing the ball. Right now, I’m most worried about the depth on our OL. Needs to be addressed
  2. I think Guice will get a lot of touches, but his expectations are preposterous right now. Are there any LSU fans on here who’ve seen game after game of his that can form an opinion how he projects as a pro? He is very gritty and runs through people, sounds like a guy we drafted last year doesn’t it? I’m not saying he’ll plod for 3 yards like Perine, but is he fast enough to reach the outside lanes? I love the kid as a Redskin already off the field. He was the 6th RB drafted in this class, and despite all the rumors, I don’t think it was because of off-field concerns. I hope I’m w
  3. I still can't believe it's not the Skins playing in Seattle tonight. Such a bummer
  4. The truth of the matter is refs are extremely incompetent. Every team in at least one game during the year will get screwed by a dumb call or two or five made by the refs. This is why it's important coaches keep the players' minds right if a call doesn't go their way. It was clear in the first half our guys were frustrated with calls. Pete Carroll's defensive philosophy is great. He tells his corners to be super physical/handsy (not to the face) every play because he knows the refs won't call it every play. Adjust to the refs
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