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  1. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Yeah. Probably a good idea. I could see if I searched for spoilers but never once have I looked for anything even spoiler related. I watch a few channels GOT reactions just because I like seeing how people react to certain scenes and hearing different discussions about the show/episodes and that's it. Blah!
  2. Game of Thrones Season 7

    I'm so pissed. I got on Youtube this morning, main YT page and under my recommend videos... HUGE spoiler in the very first videos title. I just don't get what would make someone want to do that.
  3. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Yep. My first guess was that he was going after Tyrion. Could be going after the one who killed Myrcella though. Can't imagine what Cersai would do to either one if she got her hands on them.
  4. Game of Thrones Season 7

    I really hope it doesn't go that way (Bran causing the "burn them all") but it's a good theory. Anyone think we'll get an Ice Dragon? If the White Walkers had one I'm sure we would have seen them by now... BUT.. If they were to kill one of Dany's dragons, would it come back? The White King riding an Ice Dragon would be scary as hell but I would for damn sure love to see it lol.
  5. 2017 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Man... I know we still need some pieces on the defensive side of the ball.. but I would be thrilled if we grab McCaffrey at 17.
  6. Just wanted to share the following: A buddy of mine is a hardcore Raider fan (Raider tattoo and all lol). Anyway, he congratulated me when he saw that we signed Stacy McGee. He thinks very highly of him. He said that there are probably question marks right now but he said that they will disappear when we see his play.
  7. Gotcha! I was kinda figuring that Negan's people were just all over the group and had that plan busted right away. I never thought that Eugene gave them up. He seemed ready to go when he came up with the plan.
  8. Fear the Walking Dead -Season 1

    I'm pretty sure Strand had her bring him the cookies for himself. He was considering taking himself out after Abigail died in order to be with him. Strand ultimately decided to keep on living. The blowing Abigail's brains out was to prevent him from coming back as a walker.
  9. Fear the Walking Dead -Season 1

    I actually don't mind Chris either. Could see him turning into a "Carl type" who doesn't take chances with people at all.. or could go a Lizzie route and just completely lose it. I could see him losing his mind to the point where he either kills or tries to kill someone from the group/maybe someone from his family.
  10. ***2017-18 NBA Playoffs Thread***

    My opinion, but I don't think the fan grabbing Steven Adams arm was doing it in a malicious way. The video is slowed down so it looks like she's just grabbing and holding his arm but it was all pretty quick. It looks like he came down out of bounds and knocked her back into her seat.. and when she fell she grabbed his arm out of instinct to keep herself from falling. At least that's what it looks like to me.
  11. Fear the Walking Dead -Season 1

    The preview for next week seemed to give the whole "Flight 462 sole survivor" thing away. It'll be cool to see them come across the wreckage though. Can't wait.
  12. Fear the Walking Dead -Season 1

    The dad had "power pills" for the entire family. I'm pretty sure the mom just wanted her kids to have a chance at life, where the dad was willing to basically kill them in order to keep the family "together". And Travis... I saw that as him being kind of dumbfounded for a minute after seeing his son killing the walkers. He even said something like "my son takes out the trash, tidies up his room". It's not every day you see your son taking out dead people with a pickaxe as a chore. I'd be taken aback too... especially since this is still early on.
  13. I'm still thinking Glenn. When Maggie said "I trust you, Rick." I immediately thought "welp.. that's not going to last." Glenn dies there in the woods. Maggie loses the baby because she didn't get to Hilltop quick enough (that and the stress of watching your husbands brains being bashed in). I'd imagine she wouldn't be able to put her trust in Rick anymore. The places they could take Maggies character....
  14. I didn't confirm... but a friend of mine told me that Gimple has already stated that we're going to get the kill in the season 7 premiere.