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  1. Gotcha! I was kinda figuring that Negan's people were just all over the group and had that plan busted right away. I never thought that Eugene gave them up. He seemed ready to go when he came up with the plan.
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    My opinion, but I don't think the fan grabbing Steven Adams arm was doing it in a malicious way. The video is slowed down so it looks like she's just grabbing and holding his arm but it was all pretty quick. It looks like he came down out of bounds and knocked her back into her seat.. and when she fell she grabbed his arm out of instinct to keep herself from falling. At least that's what it looks like to me.
  3. I'm still thinking Glenn. When Maggie said "I trust you, Rick." I immediately thought "welp.. that's not going to last." Glenn dies there in the woods. Maggie loses the baby because she didn't get to Hilltop quick enough (that and the stress of watching your husbands brains being bashed in). I'd imagine she wouldn't be able to put her trust in Rick anymore. The places they could take Maggies character....
  4. I didn't confirm... but a friend of mine told me that Gimple has already stated that we're going to get the kill in the season 7 premiere.
  5. I'm sorry you feel that way but I disagree. Seeing Rick go from "Tell them to wait for me, I got something for 'em" to this: was amazing (props to Andrew Lincoln btw) . It wasn't a quick thing either. We got to see his confidence waver more and more with every roadblock that they came across. I loved it.
  6. 6.0 on IMDB? Wow.. People must be really butt-hurt over the cliffhanger. I've never seen an episode rated that low before.
  7. I think I eliminated one of the 4 in the point of view theory. The POV seems to come from the back/center of the van and Daryl is in the very front. The POV shot also seems to show Daryls head in view before they open the doors. I'm starting to think that Glenn is a goner...
  8. I'm guessing that it was someone in the Dwight group. Throughout the episode we kept getting a first person view of someone in the truck (or whatever the saviors had them locked in). I'm thinking it's the same persons point of view for Negans beating. So... Glenn, Daryl, Michonne or Rosita
  9. Agreed. Hell, maybe Dwight knows what he's doing and is trying to give Daryl a chance to live through this thing. He could be a puppet for Negan and not want to be doing what he's doing at all. Maybe Negan is threatening to kill his girl (the one that was with him when he and Daryl first met) if he doesn't follow commands. I also don't see Rick or Carl getting killed. I'd maybe even add Michonne into the untouchable list but her recent Rick Roll in the hay.. could prove to be bad news for her. I feel like Carol and Morgan still have more to their story. I'm mostly worried for Abraham, Glenn, Maggie and the unborn baby.
  10. Watched the episode again today and it kinda strengthened my thinking that either Glenn or Maggie will die. There was a song during the shower scene with lyrics that said something like "it's all over.. I'm broken in a million pieces". Then the scene where Glenn is leaving to go after Daryl, Maggie has this look like she knows that something terrible is coming. The camera then holds on the mirror and Maggies reflection as the car is pulling away. Almost like they are getting one last look at each other. Or I could just be overthinking the whole thing lol.
  11. This "mini-cliffhanger" may save Daryl though. I can't imagine them doing that and then killing him the next episode. I also feel like Daryl and Dwight isn't over yet. AND he'll most likely be injured. I'm worried about Glenn and Abraham mostly.
  12. I have a feeling that the guy who Morgan saved from Rick is going to play a big role in helping him save Carol. Also wondering if that was the last time Maggie will see Glenn. Can you imagine if Glenn gets killed and Maggie loses the baby... or if Maggie and the baby die from complications due to the pregnancy? That last shot of Maggie in the mirror as Glenn is driving off has me really worried for them.
  13. That would be one crazy ass scene. I'm all for it lol.
  14. I'm thinking it was a shoulder shot. Dwight not wanting to kill Daryl but didn't want to give Daryl a chance to kill him either.