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  1. bowhunter

    Rich Tandler has died

    Much like Glenn Brenner, I don't think anyone can fill Tandlers shoes. He was like one of us. Always honest, appraochable, and informative, my favorite beat guy by far.
  2. bowhunter

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    I have not seen or heard from Settle since the regular season began. Has he even played a snap yet? I just checked his stat line (blank,) but has he even been active yet? I really like this kid.
  3. bowhunter

    Redskins Fans: Let’s Stop Being Pansies

    Side note. What is Larry Michaels appeal to this FO? Yes, he is paid to be a homer, but it's difficult to take him seriously. He doesn't seem to bring much inside info to the players or the sport. Last weekend I was visiting inlaws in NC and had to listen to the game during my drive back home, I was happy to know that SiriusXM offered the home feed of game. Larry is NOT GOOD at calling a game to the radio listener. Some people have the gift of helping a listener visualize whats happening on the field. Larry doesn't have it. Nor does he compensate for that deficiency with a strong knowledge base of the game itself, or even an affable nature. He is, in essence, a buffoonish cheerleader. One that I hope to God I never have to see in the Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar.
  4. bowhunter

    Redskins vs Panthers Prediction Thread: Here We Go Again

    Panthers 24 Skins 13 (Peterson TD rush and Hopkins goes 2/3)
  5. I could probably handle the other 3, but that just sounds downright painful, especially if off the top rope.
  6. That would be a great idea if he is willing to maintain his assignment. From what I've gathered, his biggest issues in the last game were related to him freelancing.
  7. bowhunter

    The Offensive Line Thread

    I don't think our issue this year is talent as much as it is communication. In both losses they seemed unable to pick up stunts. Anyone know who made the O-line calls in NO? Bergstrom? Rouliier? QB Smith?
  8. bowhunter

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    There's a lot of truth here. An argument Could be made that with an arsenal of Crowder, CT, and Reed all very good short range targets, why would Smith look anywhere else?. But without some deep tosses, our offense will become much more easily stopped. I get situational playcalls, but c'mon.
  9. I'm really missing Mr. Irrelevant. He brought a nice spark to our O. Any word on his potential return to the lineup?
  10. bowhunter

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    Was he moving a glass table by chance?
  11. bowhunter


    But with the limited amount of NFL snaps he's had, his legs are like those of a young 43 year olds.
  12. bowhunter

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The topic of my post was about Quinn being on "IR" regardless of his potential. So, it's a compound word. There
  13. bowhunter

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Trey Quinn. I don't know if he just happened to be their BPA, or if he was selected specifically to address the potential loss of Crowder. But irregardless, I see him projected to fill his shoes. For that reason alone, I expect Quinn to be brought from IR as soon as he;s healthy and worked into the game plan for the latter part of the season. I suspect how well he plays will be a strong predictor of how hard of a play the Redskins make for Crowder.
  14. bowhunter

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Wait, you mean Crowder?? Thompson is under contract thru the end of next year. Crowder will be a FA this offseason. If not, then yeah, I agree that Thompson should probably be considered for a 2 year extension.