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  1. So there's going to be a penalty (which stops the clock) making it illegal to try to stop the clock. Got it!
  2. You may be completely right Alexa, but his resume is scoffable as qualifications IMO. The world is plum full of ex-players turned coaches. I would want to see some tangible evidence of him having a true eye for talent before I handed him (or anyone) the reins.
  3. Take it easy Cali. Scot was "super-smart" and "played his guts out."
  4. One of the big problems going into the draft with such GLARING holes on our DL, is that other teams see this too. When a big fat interior DL looks like he'll fall to us at 17, you can bet teams also in need will be trading up get pick #16. When everyone knows where you HAVE to pick, you begin to lose out on the talent that you need. That's why I still think we need to plug our biggest holes in order to give us some unpredictability come draft time.
  5. Devils advocate response.: So Wade Phillips=Joe Barry? And I'm really just trying to begin a discussion here. Although not a complete "plug and play" system, there is a modicum of validity to the theory. That it is possible that the organization gives say 40% of the credit to Grudens system, 60% to Cousins or what have you. I'm completely onboard with paying Cousins full market value, and will mourn his loss, should that occur. But Gruden WAS extended and Cousins has not been. Talent trumps coaching Yes, but that's not an absolute either.
  6. To be clear, I completely agree with everything you've said. It ain't broke, so let's not fix it. However, my point is that it might be the thought process inside the halls of Ashburn that it's as much the system as it is the QB.
  7. I see your point...sadly I guess we've all become accustomed to "settling" by now.
  8. One topic I haven't seen greatly debated is whether we have a Franchise QB vs a Franchise Coach. Gruden made something out of Dalton as well.
  9. A Williams hire would be the ultimate of sucktitude. A lackey with no history of being a GM in charge, no history of draft greatness, just a history of being a good player for this franchise. A figurehead for Danny and Bruce to work as a puppet. I have no reason to believe that he is anything other than a great person, but no one has reason to believe in his GM abilities either. For his sake, I hope that he is not a serious candidate.
  10. I'm surprised that no one offered him starter level money. He impressed last year
  11. May I suggest "The Artist formerly known as Hawgboy?"
  12. Jackson ran a 4.35 at his NFL combine Pryor ran a 4.39! Yet is 6" taller. If he ever gets his whole game going you are correct in him becoming a real threat.
  13. I'm looking forward to the day when Dan Snyder sells the Redskins and uses the proceeds to buy the WaPo. If Iron sharpens iron, we'll also get to see if **** sharpens mud.
  14. ^This x3. Williams may have a history with this franchise, but he really doesn't have anything in his resume to suggest that he is remotely qualified to be a competent GM.