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  1. Umm Yeah. It's so freakin in vogue to spit in the face of the country that gives you the freedom to do so. Give me a few more Pat Tillmans and a few less super cool Kaepernicks. Can we make a thread about temper tantrums and holding your breath if you disagree about a call?
  2. I would guess to venture that in 2012, we finally believed that we had found our QB and he was Superman. The fears of trading away our future to get him turned into thanks that we made such a move. In fact, he was going to redefine what an offense did. At the time, we didn't know that this was just a fleeting moment. Compare that to 2015, where we think that we actually did find our franchise QB in 2012, only he's expensive and much more traditional.
  3. I don't think the team would want to risk losing Sudfeld by placing him on the PS. If a QB on any team gets injured during the season, the first thing that happens is PS theft. Sudfeld is pretty much the only insurance we have should Kirk walk next year, and if he shows any promise at all this year, he won't survive the PS as a Redskin.
  4. I'm much more of a reader than I am a poster, but the old page did have some serious positive attributes, I agree. Perhaps the first topic should be "How to disagree without being disagreeable."
  5. I'm almost expecting Perine to have as big of an impact as Allen. I think he might just have that big of an impact.
  6. Us country folk prefer the pronunciation of "Roll Your" as in "Look out Taco, Chase is gonna Roll Your Ass"
  7. A tough physical smash-mouth line and RB can still win in this league, don't fool yourselves. They have certainly changed the rules to make passing easier, but they didn't make running the ball any harder. As defenses become faster and more athletic to defend against explosive plays, they become more susceptible to being exploded upon by a tough running game. McCaffrey doesn't bring that. Keep the option of letting our D rest, either by adding meat to our front 7, or by wearing out the opponent with a little ball control.
  8. Thanks, but sadly I don't need a lick of reminding. I was pointing out that Ball security is an important element to keep in mind. You can't run the clock out with a ball control offense without the missing element of actual ball control. We best choose wisely
  9. Matt Jones and Dalvin Cook have the EXACT same collegiate fumble rates, averaging once every 63 carries. Can anyone remindl me why Jones is riding the bench?
  10. It's fair to entertain the idea that Gruden hasn't been choosing our QBs for the past 25 years, and possible that BA has faith in his eye/developmental abilities.
  11. The addition of a 30 year old declining production NT to our roster would not decrease our need to draft and develop one this year, so I'd agree with the premise that any contract would have to on the cheap side. Our rookie NT would need to garner some of that playing time.
  12. If a RB hungry team is asking for our spot, and there are several of good D options remaining, then I'd say YES. Especially if we'd only have to trade back 3-4 spots and pick up an extra day 2 pick.
  13. If that happens, who will be the new designated wall punching hand breaker? I don't see Snyder generating enough fist velocity to break anything more significant than a nail.
  14. Do you find it VERY disturbing that we've signed such low loyalty guys like Pryor, Swearinger, and Brown this off season......