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  1. I'm convinced that this isn't going to end with what most of us and the organization truly need..SECURITY. Security that we have a solution at QB for the foreseeable future. It's possible that KC will be here for the next 6 years, all on one year deals. While that may work for him, it's not a good plan for us. KC has given a fair amount of lip service to desiring to sign "where he's truly wanted," yet this week he said that he had no intention of signing even though our FO tried to negotiate in good faith. Even when our GM flew to visit him in Michigan over the weekend, no counter-offer was tendered by Cousins camp. Perhaps KC wants to go where he feels wanted, our wants to go where he's seen the direction a FO is going, or wants to sign where he gets paid, or wants to continue to sign one year deals, or wants to sign where God directs him to go. All are fair answers for HIM, but not for us. Plan B must begin in earnest soon. The chances of being able to bank on KC for the future are behind us. We might have him in 2018, we most probably will not. This time KC was the one who moved the goalposts. Win or lose this season, it's time to move in the direction of having a VIABLE long term solution at QB. Most of us HOPE that KC will be here for years to come, but as is frequently pointed out here, Hope is not a plan.
  2. I wonder if it's a strange coincidence that the 49ers just announced the construction of a new chapel at their facility? Or that Kyle is changing his title to "Pastor?"
  3. You're right, I'm wrong. My BP is a little elevated atm and my response was hasty. I need to step away from the keyboard. But, I did feel good to use the terms "fuzzy math" and "Crap Report" simultaneously lol
  4. Gotcha. Would you buy a car that the dealer assures you is probably warranteed. ?
  5. Kc is currently Guaranteed this years salary $24M. What other guaranteed money does he have?
  6. At least our sense of humor hasn't been completely replaced with KC and BA outrage...
  7. Ians Crap Report makes a HUGE assumption that he would be even offered a $34m tag. That's not gonna happen. Fuzzy math
  8. Who's name is? I think it's pronounced "Nate" (rhymes with great"
  9. I think I'm going to give a free slurpee to everyone wearing a Sudfeld jersey in Richmond TC this year. And I'm taking an extra $8 with me just to prove that I'm serious about this
  10. As they should, he rejected his teammates offer as well
  11. It took action/inaction on BOTH parties involved in this fiaasco to have this outcome. My anger and disappointment has fingers pointed in both directions. I'm no longer a fan of KC, and my distrust of BA has now reached previously unfathomable depth.
  12. This is what it feels like when you don't have any Aunts or Uncles
  13. Is there any way to replace the ole "Redskins One Tracker" technology with one for "Grandmas Conversion Van?"
  14. If he doesn't sign, it's going to be painful to watch the games this year. Every TD pass or great throw will have me prematurely mourning his loss
  15. I would think that playing Suds would be a better option. He either shows good potential, or we end up with a earlier pick. However, I'd still much rather see KC locked up to a fair LTD.