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  1. Two things: 1) Anyone recall where Hankins ranked last year in our FA wish list? Especially in comparison with the other FA DL? 2) If Hankins signs, I'd really like to see us drop back in the draft and then target Will Hernandez Edit: I just perused the 2017 Free Agency thread, it seems the consensus was that Hankins is a stud. So...sign the guy for 3yr/$26.74m and be done with it. Then, c'mon Hernandez!
  2. True. We need to keep in mind that he took Carolinas offer rather quickly, and at $8m APY, it wasn't for #1 money.
  3. Breelands contract with Carolina was structured to only count $4m against the 2018 salary cap (I think $4,9,10-ish) until his infected foot failed the physical. Are we done here? I wouldn't mind bringing him back
  4. Good info, thanks for the write-up. You got your wish on the first Richardson, so maybe your inner FO is our Mojo
  5. The Cardinals are "making strides" toward a restructured deal that would keep safety Tyrann Mathieu in Arizona, according to a source. The Cardinals had previously asked Mathieu to take a pay cut for the upcoming season. Mathieu is due to have $18 million of is contract guaranteed if he is on the roster Wednesday afternoon. For those of us hoping to pick up the Honey Badger....these numbers may give you reason to pause a little. I'd love to have him here, but Wow. Big numbers
  6. I wonder if they'll feel the same way when they have to start dismantling their team to cut that $28m check every year
  7. .500 In 2018 Would Be A Good Year For The Skins

    (Homer alert) I really don't think 2017 was a fair barometer of this team. Injuries were historically high. You can't lose that much talent in one season and not look like the 2017 Cleveland Browns. The Packers were 7-9 this year, largely due to one players injury. Sometimes the best teams are the ones who are lucky enough to avoid the injury bug. We had an epidemic.
  8. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    If Edmunds is available at #13, I think he will be the pick. Although I seriously doubt that he will fall that far, anything is possible.
  9. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Thanks. I was adding to my post while you quoted it, but I find it interesting that most were predicting solid D players. Certainly not the hot jersey selling offensive toys that our FO is discredited for. I think L.Jackson is a smoke and mirrors game. No need to have a distraction and 1st rd pick on the bench or beinfg pushed into action before he's ready. I've been wrong before however.
  10. 2018 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    Anyone remember who was our consensus#1 pick last year, before Allen fell on our lap? Rueben Foster? Malik Hooker? Some predicted Christian McAffrey. Two of those Three aren't shiny offensive toys, but solid D building blocks. This will be Allens 2nd draft (or 1st depending on your opinion of Scotty McGems leaving his board in DC.) It will be interesting to see how they do.
  11. Is this thread really going into who took us in FA in 2004? Or who quit playing football altogether before ever playing a snap?? Did I somehow get teleported to the 8th grade lunch table all over again? C'mon guys, let Cravens have a corner on the drama gig
  12. The ability to pay a "good" QB that kind of money and the ability to win while doing so are two separate things.
  13. No. It's difficult to ignore the level of pick used to select Doctson, but for the sake of this discussion, I'll try. Draft picks are a crap shoot, there's no guarantee of what will come with a high 2nd rounder. If used properly,and with a little bit of luck, it should turn out to be a quality starter within 3 years. Day one starter IF used to fill a need. Said pick should have lots of potential, maybe even FIRST round talent that fell due to injury history. Hopefully would be used to fill an existing hole, say either DL, OL, ILB or WR. Now, again, at the risk of repeating myself here, remember that picks are a crap shoot. So you're asking if I would willingly trade a first round talent with lots of potential that already plays a position were we have limited depth in exchange for the hopes that we could turn a pick into having what we'd be trading away to gain that pick?? Would you give me $500 in exchange for a hot stock tip that might be worth $500?
  14. I love ZB, I think almost every single one of us do. But he was a free agent last year and had to settle on a 1 year prove it deal with us. I believe it was a good marriage, where both appreciate each other. He is one heckuva tackling machine but he does have some holes in his game. I don't believe that anyone will offer him top 3 money, but I feel that a long term 3-4 year top 7 deal (5-7m/yr) would be a good fit for all involved.