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  1. Jonathan Allen to miss rest of season

    A couple reliable guys on Twitter (Schefter, Russell) are saying that he'll be designated for return, maybe Week 16 or 17. Needs a screw in his foot.
  2. Jonathan Allen to miss rest of season

    1) Moses was put on IR with the injury? Thomas didn't come back that season, it's often six to eight weeks even without surgery. I'll go with an NFL Orthopedic Surgeon: 1b) If you interpreted what I said as career-ending as opposed to season-ending, then I can see where we disagree. 2) Totally agreed about Allen's work ethic. He knows what it's like to drop more than a dozen spots simply due to the possibility of a shoulder injury, so I think he would work harder than most to get back as soon as possible.
  3. Jonathan Allen to miss rest of season

    Didn't we draft a safety a few years back, I think same year as Amerson, who had a Lisfranc injury and was gonna be back any minute? Phillip Thomas. It was so frustrating. At least we're not being teased that he could come back, and we're not rushing him. And hey, it wasn't a shoulder thing!
  4. Jonathan Allen to miss rest of season

    Hey man, you're right, this blows. Just a little thing since you're still relatively new post-count-wise (which doesn't say anything about the quality of poster, since I have over 20K and they're all crap!), the formatting can be important. I know the Dustin Hopkins one didn't have it right, either, so if I were in your shoes then I would've just followed that example. You want to make sure that you say the source and then the title of the article. For yours it would be "PFT: Jonathan Allen to Miss Rest of Season", so you basically got it right, just the source part. Not trying to be nit-picky, it just keeps the board cleaner. You can also check out the injury thread to see if it's posted there, too. Since this is such a big deal I could see it warranting a new thread, but the mods who are Dan Snyder's pets and paid off and eat puppies and spoil Santa Claus might view it differently. Just to be clear: This is *NOT* a passive aggressive post or me calling you a dumbass, just trying to help a poster out and keep the board neat.
  5. Was trying to be a little tongue-in-cheek about the season being over, but I failed. He was playing well, and the only concern I would have would be its cumulative effect on other players. Now no need to focus on Allen. I still think 2018 is the year, so this hasn't changed my view much. I definitely would've preferred this to not happen, of course.
  6. Welp, looks like 2018 it is. Except one player doesn't just cancel out the season (unless it's Randy Thomas in 2005). Maybe this year, but almost certainly the next will be the opening of our window.
  7. LOL, I think my ungodly amount of visits to this site while my boss was on maternity leave is the reason that State of Maryland employees can't access it.
  8. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    1) "No need for a source, look it up." You realize that requires a source, right? 2) So by your data, fourth and fifth years, not the third. Got it.
  9. Jay Gruden: Buy or Sell 2017 edition

    Source? In the AFC, the Patriots have been to 44% of the Super Bowls since Brady came in. That eliminates almost a quarter of all Super Bowl teams this century. I don't have time to put the research into it, but what you're saying about this three-year thing doesn't seem right.
  10. Common Kirk....I just don't know....

    Kirk has had the stats for two years. This year, though, he's adding that leadership that doesn't show up on the numbers sheet. I wasn't able to watch the game, just listened, so thank you for that recap. G-damn I hope we lock him this year.
  11. Frustrated, need you guys to beat Seattle for us

    Not saying that it's good or bad, but this is my understanding: I think of it like a kickoff. When the ball is in the field of play and both teams have legal access to it (so not a punt where it just downs the ball), putting the ball in the opponent's end zone wherein the opponent takes possession and stops the play (knee, tackle, whatever), it's a touchback and the opponent maintains possession. However, if the kicking team recovers the ball in the opponent's endzone, it's a touchdown. When it's a fumble, the offense has yielded control of the ball, essentially giving it away just like on a kickoff. There's no penalty to put it on the one-yard line (like a pass interference) because the offense gave it away legally. On a kickoff, when you do this by making the ball exit the field of play through the endzone, it's a touchback. I think their logic is to do the same thing with the fumble. If it fumbles into the endzone (unintentionally), then the offense can score a touchdown. If the defense recovers, then it's a touchback. The kickoff rules apply here. Fumbling out of bounds is different because the kickoff requires the kicking team to give away possession, so kicking it out of bounds would provide an unfair advantage, hence the penalty. On the offense there is no obligation to give the ball away, so there's no change of possession. At least that's my understanding of the rule.
  12. Frustrated, need you guys to beat Seattle for us

    Twice? You mean three times. In 2005, 2007, and 2012.
  13. Frustrated, need you guys to beat Seattle for us

    We felt the same against the Eagles and to some extent the Chiefs. But yeah, we're super big on beating the teams we play. It's the thing we like the most.
  14. Happy we could help you guys out

    "Down there?" You mean Lambeau South?
  15. A Confidence I Haven't Had in 25 Years

    This feels different from the 7-1 start in 199X (can't remember) or 1999 (could've won Super Bowl) or 2005 (could've won Super Bowl) or 2007 (had no business making the playoffs) or 2012 (RGIII was extremely exciting) or 2015 (didn't see that one coming). This feels like the start of something, and the "next year" feeling isn't one of throwing in the towel on this year, it's just being pumped that we're heading in the right direction in a sustainable way.