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    Something something "but tell her I'm not flying in until tomorrow" something something Okay, I promise, all done for today with the dumb jokes. Until at least 1:03 EDT. And yeah, the more I learn about Smith the happier I am to have him. Just wish we could've kept Fuller. However, it's pretty cool to know that while we're aware of what we've lost, we're not quite sure what we've gained in terms of QB.

    Pretty sure that's what happens with anything involving Bruce, words rhyming with Bruce, or words sharing two or more letters with the word Bruce.
  3. I really want to miss the guy, but while I appreciate a bunch of times he accomplished things for us (two-point conversion when Ngata broke RGIII), the comebacks, the 2015 season, the bomb to end the Seattle game last year, a whole host of things. But Kirk's just more of a representation of a ****ty organization to me, fair or otherwise. Just like with any other player, though I really wanted things to work out and him be here long-term, he's gone. I wish him the best of luck unless it in any way negatively impacts our chances for success or increases the chances for Dallas/Philly/New York. Thanks, Bruce.
  4. Is Pryor worth Keeping?

    Sounds like he's busting his ass to get back and not taking things for granted. I'd one-year him again as long as his hands learn how to hold onto that brown thing when it hits them.
  5. Overall it's a pretty good post. I fundamentally disagree, but it's a good post. There are some exceptional reporters out there. Frank Herzog was fantastic and loved reporting on Redskins successes. The passion was there in the form of smiles instead of grimaces. Just as people show up to games of winning teams more than losing teams, reporters get a hell of a lot more reads/clicks when they have something GOOD to report. People like having their views reaffirmed, and they'd rather have positive views reaffirmed than negative ones. Sometimes these reporters are actually reporting, too. Not stirring the pot, just saying what's going on. Every metro area has this **** happening; it's not a D.C. exclusive. I've lived in the Philly area since 2009, so I've seen the "Dream Team" fiasco, Reid firing, Kelly Krapfest, Wentz/Pederson's freshman failure, and their Super Bowl. More people spend more time/money on the Eagles when they're winning. Same thing goes for the reporters' reader/viewership levels. Drama is the only thing that sells here because it's the only product we make. Pump out some wins and you'll have triple readership on fluff pieces than you do on Bruce **** Up #2909782502. We may actually agree there, I think. You're in the wrong place if you want people to stop having strong views; it's in the damn URL. That's like going to a bar and telling people that there's more to life than drinking. Duh, but this is where you do it. Or like going to a craft brewery and saying, "Guys, beer is beer, stop stressing over hops and stuff." If they're just games to you, then you're in the wrong place.
  6. LOL, the black wind howls! Anyway, yeah, agreeing with the front office always makes me second-guess myself. It's also like Hitler agreeing with a moral decision I've made. No offense to Hitler.
  7. It's like when the dumb kid in the class gives the same answer you do. It'll make you question, "Wait, let me plug 2+2 into the calculator to see if it's right." And nice sig.
  8. Is Pryor worth Keeping?

    I agree that there was no way to live up to the hype. He did, as @kingdaddy said, have trouble even doing very basic things. Like literally catching the ball. Not just tough catches, but between the numbers or right in the hands.
  9. Is Pryor worth Keeping?

    Wait, who?
  10. I could count on two hands the number of times I've "quit" on this team after a stupid game/roster move. Wait, math was off, two hundred forty-three hands.
  11. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    I didn't say it was anything like the Cravens situation; I was correcting the recollection of the incident.
  12. Per Schefter: Su'a Cravens Considering Retirement

    Yeah after that, or I think the DUI, he just didn't want to deal with it. Didn't pick up when people called, but it was like a few days. Thank god there was no social media back then.
  13. Redskins have the rustiest rings.

    I was six. It is awful.
  14. Redskins have the rustiest rings.

    There is no reason to ever accept less than the best. I don't see why anyone would be content with winning 30 years ago.
  15. Redskins have the rustiest rings.

    Uh, why? If your goal isn't to win the Super Bowl go 19-0 every single year, then you don't belong in the league.