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  1. I think the reactions are a great addition. Sometimes I like a good post but not the content (like an argument I disagree with that's really well thought out), and sometimes things are just funny. Of course if our season goes to **** I am blaming it entirely on this upgrade, though.
  2. One thing that I wish would go away is the completely inaccurate use of the word "official." If the board were officially dead, then the URL would take you to a blank page. People's interests wax and wane either for the team altogether, or based on performance, or based on "I told you so" threads, or just nothing new to talk about. I don't think that the board is over-regulated. To me it's like hitting in the NFL: If you can get away with everything, then there will be long-term consequences to the health of the board. If you play within the rules, then it doesn't mean that it's not fun; it just takes skill.
  3. Medical records are private unless there is a release of information or subpoena. Nobody with a license is going to put their asses on the line to have a player sneak around a suspension. The possibility of the history of it happening has nothing to do with it happening in the future. If the medical professionals get caught, then they are done. Not fired, not just suspended, but very likely out of the field altogether AND being given civil and potentially criminal penalties. If a ball boy deflating a ball could hurt the golden team, then imagine a medical professional faking player care (for or against) with all this CTE stuff going on. This isn't like signing off on a homework assignment; this carries a MASSIVE liability.
  4. This makes much more sense, thank you. Hopefully he's to the point that he would be able to play if forced to by Week 1, even if he could still use the rest. Kind of like putting someone on the injured list for a game who could play but could use an extra week off. I think the official term is "Jordan Reed List"
  5. The doctors giving the fake diagnoses would lose their licenses and possibly go to jail for falsifying medical records. Same with anyone providing any sort of treatment. It's not something that anyone who got into those positions would **** around with just so a B-rated player could talk to a coach. There can be enforceable rules to not interact with anyone outside of the medical staff. And what prevents them from using encrypted chat to talk to people regardless of suspension?
  6. Not sure if that applies to injuries. I doubt the NFLPA would agree to that. No meetings/interactions with coaches for sure, but treatment? Of course I'm not sure, just would seem stupid to put players at risk like that.
  7. Technically a knee sprain is a tear, just a much lower severity. When we think of tears, we think of the worst kind. Similar to how a hairline fracture is technically a broken arm, but when we think broken bone, we think Joey T on Monday night. Yep, if it had to be anyone, let it be the suspended guy. That's how I felt with Williams when he got suspended, at least he had some time to rest up. Related to Cravens, maybe he's not the most natural safety, but I think the point more is to have a playmaker on the field. He can be a "safety" who's really playing linebacker. Remember who won us the Giants game.
  8. This is exactly it. It's like when someone is trying to pull their grades up. Sure they may still get a bad grade on their paper, but it's better than not turning in anything at all.
  9. Fixed that to be more in sync with ES-type thinking.
  10. Can't have too many, as long as they're good. A step in the right direction in theory.
  11. LOL @ the thread title, very nice!
  12. Things I read way too much into, I hope: 1) Jordan. If you even feel like you have to fart, take the week off. Don't try to play through it. 2) He said "Doctson, if he's 100%", what do you mean "if?"
  13. Absolutely. I've anticipated his arrival since JSteelz, Thought-He-Was-Black-Kevin, and TK were talking about it back in 2013, but once he got here I was pretty "meh." Since that Tampa comeback, he and Kirk have really impressed me. I hope Gruden's here for a good while.
  14. That would make couples therapy incredibly awkward.
  15. Sounded like a subtle shot at Allen when combined with him talking about how great Kirk is and the desire to get a contract done. Some frustration leaked through there, though he did seem to be a little agitated for the whole presser. Like post-loss agitated. You know, the thing we won't see after the preseason ends.