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  1. Well, now we got the Rams' second-round 2012 pick. We at least won 1/4 of the trade now!
  2. I wish that I hadn't read this. Just pisses me off even more. Marty had some John Schneider guy with him when he was our coach, leading us to an 8-8 record with excellent trajectory. That Schneider guy would go on to run the Seattle Super Bowl team (hiring GMSM as far as I know), and we would get Spurrier and Vinny. I wish Snyder, when making a decision, would ask himself what he would do. And then not do that.
  3. This is infuriating. You'll blow tens of millions on crappy players but not ten million over a few years to get a guy who won't let you hire crappy players? Where is the business sense in that? Nobody wants to come here, so you've gotta compensate for that with your wallet. The more I read, the more that I think that Bruce is a liability and not as much an asset.
  4. I know it's easy to armchair GM, but this isn't even just about Kirk. What quarterback wants to come here, set franchise records two years in a row, and then not get paid? Why would anyone worth signing want to come here if they treat their players this way? Kirk's no 10, but when you've got an 8.5 or 9 who's willing to go for you, stop holding out for a 10. What this is going to cost in talent acquisition is gonna be a lot more than a couple million a year and 10-20 million guaranteed. I'll take an "overpaid" Super Bowl winner over a "value" maybe-next-year guy.
  5. I think that Pryor just bet on himself, took $8 million this year, and figures he'll get $15+ long-term next year. I'm excited for 2017 but don't expect to see him on our team beyond that.
  6. All right man, this isn't getting anywhere, you do you. Have a good one.
  7. Nothing is wrong with sarcasm, you're just doing it wrong. Putting words in other people's mouths (strawman) isn't sarcasm. Mocking people who are giving their best, and educated, guesses as to what numbers are isn't sarcasm. What does scheme have to do with it? I mean, we had three quarterbacks in this scheme, Kirk included. All three sucked, then Kirk got significantly better the past two years. If the scheme didn't change, then wouldn't it be directly tied to the player?
  8. Because we didn't go 17-2? What, pray tell, is a quarterback good enough to make up for a bad defense? And why the dick-ish, condescending tone in your posts? You're not new here, registered in 2005. You're not five, either. Treat fellow members with respect and have something to back up your posts, or stick to lurking.
  9. For a guy who is famous for "winning off the field", he sure sucks at it.
  10. 10/10 maturity and spellcheck. Would recommend. Anyway, I hope that you get a little bit of a grip on accepting others' opinions that disagree with yours. At the risk of making this too long, I'll just go through your post point by point. 1) Yeah, Preston definitely fell off. Still a good pick up, hit his stride with that pick that really helped seal the game this year. 2) The guy had a freak injury. Nothing that was already known of, a crazy freak injury. You lose points on this one. 3) Yep, Matt Jones was great, then came down. Then that Robert Kelley guy came up. A Scot guy. 4) Did you see our secondary in 2015? If we really need to go through it: - Mason Foster - Quinton Dunbar - Will Blackmon (meh, but still filling a hole during the season) - Deshazor Everrett - Dashaun Phillips - Brian de la Puente - Pierre Thomas Here you go, it took about ten seconds of Googling: 5) Yes, everyone knew that Norman was good. And Scot got him as opposed to the other 31 teams. Your assessment of Cravens is laughable at best. You didn't say anything about Nsekhe because it hurt your argument. 6) You're citing one of the top kickers in the league as a reason that our special teams didn't improve? Seriously? Get over yourself, man. I have no problem with people who have a debate, but those who are being asses about it don't fly with me.
  11. Yeah, but other than that and many more examples? Nada, squat, zero.
  12. Holy ****, what are you guys talking about? @thesubmittedone , do we need to lock up the liquor again?
  13. Sure you can. Give your phone to your toddler, turn your back for five seconds, and problem solved. *not advised if calling 911 is a thing you might need to do at some point
  14. I don't see why people keep thinking that we're going to have a real GM. We haven't since Dan bought the team. Why would that change? In terms of football people, I haven't heard anyone criticize the decision to let him go. None. I've heard mounds of criticism as to how it went down. People may not be banging down the door to hire Scot, but nobody was trying to hurt the guy, either.
  15. I sort of remember that as a "I guess it's not Fassel" reaction.