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  1. @Skinsinparadise and @thesubmittedone: You guys are the best things to happen to this board in years. I have nothing to add that hasn't been said, but the way that you two research and articulate your points (not your egos) is unbelievably refreshing. Thank you.
  2. Shouldn't this just be called "Hall of Huly, Pez, Chief Zee, and some other random people"?
  3. I don't know, man. I genuinely think that following 2014 with the RGIII project completely and indisputably (except on ES) blown up in his face, Snyder has tried to stay out of it and leave it to someone else. Unfortunately that someone else is Bruce Allen, and I just don't believe in him. If Snyder went on a hire/fire spree like he did with head coaches, then he's gonna get creamed in the media anyway. I wish that he could just find a guy, give him a few years, and either keep him or drop him. Rinse and repeat until you find the right guy. Do this with the input of REAL football minds and literally nobody with any ties to the organization or Snyder himself. Eliminates burgundy-colored glasses and yes men.
  4. I think that there's two things at play: 1) Everything McCloughan just made us look like "same old Redskins" which typically results in disappointment and higher draft picks. 2) The upgrades along the rest of the division. I do think that we're being overlooked, and while I relish the underdog role, I'd like it to actually come through for a change. I think 19-0 at the very least should shut them up for at least six, maybe even seven, minutes.
  5. There was this one poster who used to do Chalk Talk a lot. I miss that. If any football-minded posters were so motivated, it would be cool to have something like that wherein we can preview an upcoming team, review the previous game, and/or get to the X's and O's of what our boys are doing. I'm trying to remember who the other poster was that REALLY broke it down after games. I really, really appreciated stuff like that since I'm just good at being loud and compensating my complete lack of contribution/quality by replacing it with a post count.
  6. 1) If we still run a 3-4 a significant amount of time, having nothing at NT is not a small deal. 2) We still don't have much on the line other than NT. 3) What fiscal responsibility? Blowing $20M (debatable but I saw his reasoning) and now $25M (just plain stupid) of cap space on the tag instead of a LTD like the real GM told him to do? 4) If Allen is getting it done, then why do you want a full-time GM? "Getting it done" means getting us Super Bowl victories. In pro sports anything else is another excuse to say, "Next year!" 5) If we are a bad team this year, then it's not Allen's fault? Then what is his role? I think you're implying that Gruden has a good team, but you later say that Allen is getting it done. How can he get it done if he has no impact on the end result? He can't not be at fault AND be deserving of credit, so you're effectively (not literally, but this is just math) saying that he is a non-factor.
  7. Even if he is being coached up, that's totally fine. It means that he can be on message (the GM should be good with/allowed to talk to the media), and if he can do that to Grant and Danny, then he can do that to players he wants to come here. Like that Norman guy who basically was escorted from wherever he found out that his franchise tag was rescinded, to Redskins One, to Redskins Park, to signing. And of course I agree with everything in your last part.
  8. That interview made me want him back so badly. He's everything I want as a Redskins GM, and Bruce may not be the devil, but he sure looks like crap compared to GMSM.
  9. It's just stupid clickbait before the Internet even existed. "Player X is now the highest-paid player of ALL-TIME! . . . until next year when his contract is used as a baseline for Player Y to be the highest-paid player of ALL-TIME! . . . until the following year when . . ." Average money today was once elite money just like the most basic features in the cheapest new car today (air conditioning) used to be the ultra-luxury car's absolute top feature. Sign a contract for 130 M and it's great until five years down the line when the top contract is 165 M. These arguments make no sense.
  10. Thank God. The two years we've had a real GM we've been better than .500 including winning the division. Now we can go back to the rest of Snyder's years without a GM where we have let the division-winning duties go to the other three teams.
  11. Don't get me wrong, I think he's the best on the team for the position, but that speaks more to the low quality of the defense than it does any accolades he deserves. Of course I hope he shuts me up and becomes the GOAT while still on our team.
  12. Whoa whoa whoa, are you referring to me as Vinny? I don't think that you are, because there's no way you could've written that last sentence without reading my last sentence, but I just wanted to make sure.
  13. Nah, because he's not reframing/embellishing/making **** up about what you said. He's just giving another bad support of his bad argument. I don't feel like arguing about this. I just want Kirk to sign long-term so the thread can end and we can argue about whether the Super Bowl parade should be in D.C. or Maryland or Virginia.
  14. Snyder used to suck because he thought he could run things. Firing a winning coach id-season (7-5) coming off of a division win who was a botched field goal away from the NFC Championship against the Rams (which I think we could have won AND beaten the Titans that year) after signing players for WAY too much who were WAY past their prime and benching one of the best quarterbacks we've had in the past 25 years for Jeff George, all that REALLY put a bad taste in my mouth for a long time. Firing Schotty (who then went to your former team and lit it up forever) for Spurrier because why not/desire for complete control over football after ONE season, that pissed people off. Hiring Gibbs got him a lot of goodwill. He handled Sean's death very well as an owner. That's when he got another shot from me. Then he refused to get a real GM, was gonna hire Fassel until the media basically destroyed him for it, hired Zorn, undermined Zorn, got drunk after losing to the then-0-19 Lions and came to terms for the next season with Shanahan (not making this up) and hired Bruce Allen. Fired Vinny. The start of that sentence was indefensible, the last part helped him a lot. Then we sucked for a while, which sucked and fans were mad. Then he forced Shanny to get RGIII. Beginning of pissing contest. Then RGIII did well so everything is yay. And then he tears his ACL and everything is bad. Pissing contest continues in public. Everything goes to ****. Shanny fired, Snyder hated. Gruden hired, RGIII still sucks, team sucks and seems rudderless after 2014. Bruce "winning off the field" comment makes everyone want to burn down Redskins Park with Snyder inside. A week later GMSM is hired. Everything great until GMSM fired. Snyder hated again. I think that Snyder was godawful at first until he hired Shanahan/Allen and, aside from RGIII (his last hurrah), tried to do the right thing by ceding power. Did a great job not firing Gruden/demanding RGIII when 2015 got off to a **** start. However, he's letting a guy run the show that most of us don't trust (Allen) and keeps bringing in nostalgia people (Allen, Williams) to relive his childhood even though they can't run a team (debatable but my stance). He's trying to do the right thing but without rings it just doesn't matter. If he hires a REAL GM and gets rid of Allen, should we not be excellent this year, then he'll get another chance from the public. Until rings/real GM, though, he's not going to be liked.