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  1. GFS is OTS, which is great news.
  2. Indeed good news. The turn north should be starting soon. Keep an eye on the 23 N latitude line. If it goes further south than that we can start to breath easier. Winds are up to 125 right now. Cat 4 is easily attainable. Some mets are saying this could be a high end cat 4 maybe even a cat 5, which would be truly historic. Stay safe everyone.
  3. Cat 3 now with winds of 115
  4. Got a cat 2 folks. Would not be surprised to see cat 3 strength tomorrow. Some METs on American are throwing around the potential for a Cat 4.
  5. The time for preparation is now if you live on the Eastern Shore or along the bay. The track is far from set in stone but watches and warning could go up by Thursday along the NC/VA border.
  6. I mostly use the internet nowadays. My total costs with 48 meg up and down is 100 bucks.
  7. really looking forward to this
  8. Yep wife and I are catching it. We are hoping it is better than Alcatraz.
  9. Reading about NK's air defenses and it's somewhat impressive. Most of the equipment is old it can still inflict serious harm to non-stealth jets/bombers.
  10. That would result in a closer contest...
  11. that dude has WAY to much free time
  12. 4 minutes of wake up pranks. The mouse traps are just mean... http://devour.com/video/ultimate-wake-up-pranks/
  13. At this point and time I wouldn't mind china invading and taking over NK
  14. The internet has ceased to exist in Syria. It could be the start of something bad... http://allthingsd.com/20121129/syria-has-disappeared-from-the-internet/ A few hours ago, Syria, the Middle Eastern country in the middle of an especially bloody civil war, disappeared from the Internet. The research firm Renesys, which keeps track of the status and health of the technical underpinnings of the Internet around the world, just reported that at 10:26 UTC this morning — which, by my watch, would have been 5:26 am ET — effectively all of Syria’s international Internet connectivity shut down. More technically, what happened was that within the global routing table, all 84 blocks of IP addresses assigned to Syria have gone unreachable. That means that Internet traffic destined for that country is going undelivered, and also that traffic coming from within it cannot get out to the world. Renesys is still investigating what’s going on, but, as we’ve seen in other countries, cutting off the Internet is usually meant to try and control the flow of information to the world. It’s also a pretty sure sign that the regime of Bashar al-Assad is either getting nervous about how it is being perceived in the world, or that it is planning something unspeakably harsh in the coming days and wants as little information emerging from that country as possible.