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  1. Get the help off my lawn and get in your cage.
  2. Trump makes me laugh. King Trump thinks we are all peasants.
  3. Ultimately Trump wants to destroy and rebuilt America in his own image without any attention to details, and have us say thank you when it's all over.
  4. Trump and Sessions burning bush politics. I feel so anointed. Who would have thought putting children in detention camps would make America great again.
  5. Marvel's Punisher Netflix -- November 17

    He was great in the Dare Devil Series. Netflix has done a good job with the Marvel Series. Dare Devil and Luke Cage were good.
  6. Trump's UN Speech - North Korea

    Trump makes white people look bad, and he makes America look like it's ran by racist and everybody is impotent to stop it. But people in the South and Mid West got what they want: a man that does not look like President Obama. All this tough talk. Trump should ride into battle like kings in the past. Let's see how much talking he does dodging bullets.
  7. Why does the South vote against is it own self interest?

    You guys are holding the country back.
  8. I am going to keep asking this question until I get a satisfactory answer. First and foremost Africans were not always slaves. Our contribution to society aided in creating the plat form called America from the Alpha to Omega. But I digress. I want to know how does "trickle down" economics help the South? So far the South is behind the North in education and economics.
  9. All the people that voted for Trump should be put on probation and not allowed to vote in 2020.
  10. Trump has a problem with size. He is so insecure it criminal. Somebody needs to talk to him and settle him down. He needs to fight the good fight. This is loco.
  11. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    ? That we owned businesses????? Or wealth? Did you read what I posted? I said we own business, but our businesses are not transient into other ethnic areas; Chinese restaurants, Corner stores, Department stores etc. Then you told me there are a bunch of black owned businesses next to you. A question that comes to mind is how can you run a business, and on Extremeskins all the time? Don't you have to work a lot to compete with all those black owned businesses. With all these black owned businesses why do we have 50% of 1% of America's wealth. You said that us owning business is new. Really????? Did anyone hear about Black Wall Street? It kills me. You would rather look at the post and not talk about the problem. SO let me make this simple, WHY DO AFRICAN AMERICANS OWN ONLY 50% of 1% of AMERICAS WEALTH???? If you took all the wealth of African Americans and put on the table, there are 3 white men that can put their money on the table and they would have more.
  12. Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    We have always owned businesses.