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  1. How does these old guys have so much sexual stamina? Must be the orange coating.
  2. Is the President of the United States having beef with the help? I wish he didn't have training wheels. This baton called the American Economy got passed from one player to another, so Trump can play games.
  3. Trump only visions is too be better than the person behind him. He has no vision for America. Keep cashing those checks though.
  4. Trump is the 1st Russian American President.
  5. OMG Trump is terrible!!!! Nothing but scandal. His whole presidency is an antithesis of Barack Obama. Trump can't even spell antithesis. I am afraid to write anything in opposition to Trump. We are getting closer to a totalitarian state. That's utopia to Trump and his minions.
  6. OMG! I can't believe Trump is POTUS. The only thing he can talk about is the economy, and he has to share those accolades with Obama.
  7. Get the help off my lawn and get in your cage.
  8. Trump makes me laugh. King Trump thinks we are all peasants.
  9. Ultimately Trump wants to destroy and rebuilt America in his own image without any attention to details, and have us say thank you when it's all over.
  10. Trump and Sessions burning bush politics. I feel so anointed. Who would have thought putting children in detention camps would make America great again.
  11. boobiemiles

    Marvel's Punisher Netflix -- November 17

    He was great in the Dare Devil Series. Netflix has done a good job with the Marvel Series. Dare Devil and Luke Cage were good.
  12. All the people that voted for Trump should be put on probation and not allowed to vote in 2020.