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  1. SI: The Family Ownership Dramas That Roil the NFL

    That is a good read. Nice find.
  2. Male dancers make NFL squads

    Meh. I am there to watch the game (tv or live).
  3. Cowboys David Irving being investigated for DV

    Not worthy of it's own thread. Dude has been suspended, again. He's our new Martellus Bennett. All the talent in the world but could give a **** less about his career. Just another lazy ****. Is there something in the water down in Dallas? I swear we mold our WR into divas and our defense into addicts. Wish we had the cap room to keep people like this on the roster and ban them from all team activities. Let them rot away and, ultimately, have their careers ruined. The only good news is that Sean Lee called him out for his lack of commitment. I hope Lee is our next D coordinator.
  4. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    KH, was he drinking? I didn't read that but I also haven't followed up. If so, gun belongs anywhere but on his side. Disagree with the off-duty and chambered. If I am carrying, it is always chambered. Pray to god I never have to use it, but if I do...both the weapon and I better be damned ready. Like, right now ready. Fed or not. Last thing I want is a sweaty hand to miss the slide or have to pull the trigger twice.
  5. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    This is the right move, IMO. You don't **** around when you're carrying while loaded/chambered.
  6. The DC Sports Curse Thread.

    6's, 4's, 2's? Level?
  7. The DC Sports Curse Thread.

    It is/was hard to hate their fans. Too new. Plus, can't single out the bandwagon ones yet. I will, however, call a Pens fan or two and remind them.
  8. 2017 - 18 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals Thread

    I got the feels. Worth it.
  9. The DC Sports Curse Thread.

    Rare that I root with so many Skins fans. Go Caps!
  10. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    Agree with all of the above. I was just curious about the 'educated elite' label. But whatever. Dude is a moron.
  11. The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    Jesus. What a ****ing moron.
  12. The Tulsa Race Riots

    Telling a person how they should feel is an exercise in futility and only fans the flames of hatred. Take the death of a spose, a cousin, a neighbor, a dog, an insect, or an unborn child. Everyone mourns, or celebrates, differently in both method, length, and depth. People have different belief systems, education, and unique experiences that fuel their beliefs. For me, an abortion is nothing more than the expulsion of cells that we don't want. God? I don't necessarily believe in a manevolant or benevolent God, nor heaven and hell. Dogs? Vick should only now be getting out. I think our future rests in the hands of education and the tolerance of different, even if radical, belief systems. To that end, I will respect everyone's Constitutional right to enact change through our polititicians. To spread hate through shaming a person's beliefs will only cause them to dig their heels in deeper and think you the moron for it. Go Caps.
  13. Whatever happened to this story? After the initial surge of coverage, reporting and conversations about it went strangely silent. I haven't seen or heard a word on national TV/radio.
  14. Ravens Sign Robert Griffin III

    I just don't see how Lamar Jackson can make it in this league at the QB position. In his interviews he just seems so intellectually challenged. At a position that requires less analytical skills, perhaps. Then again, maybe he's a savant and just faking it.