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If anyone is interested........................................


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I've got two children's redskins outfits that I'm looking to give away. They are both size(2T) and are basically a windsuit with the Redskins colors, and emblem on the front. Both are hooded also.

I just don't want to throw them away that's all, and I'm afraid if I just put them in the local thrift shop some Cowboy fan's kid will wind up wearing them.

Anyway, if interested shoot me a message or reply within.I'm not looking for any money for them, I just hate to throw **** like that away when someone could get some use out of them. They're in pretty good shape.

Admins, I would have put this over in the redskins store but I don't know how often people go over there.So if you feel it belongs over there i wouldn't mind if you moved it.

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Hey Bill, I'll take them. We don't have children yet - and probably won't for another 2 years - but my fiance knows no matter the gender they'll be garbed in Redskins attire until they're old enough to buy their own clothes :)

Unless someone else wants them more badly... I'll take them. And I'll pay for shipping and handling.

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