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Give me a higher high . . .


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It's a story told by many a crack addict: when they got that first high, it rang a bell in them that they've been trying to ring again with every other rock that they've toked through their brown stained glass pipe. It's a bell that once rung, rung in a happiness, though ever so fleeting, that struck an experience of such Karmic, Tantric proportions that the subsequent, abrupt return to reality was simply an invitation for countless other visits to this ethereal realm of desire.

In Y2K, Snyder handed us our own glass pipe by ushering in an off-season of glamour and celebrity, an off-season which followed a near trip to the the big dance and one which infused such hope and expectation for the year that followed. That 'first time' has rung the bell for many other elusive journeys to our proverbial Oz, the failure of which has only fortified some of our brethren's resolve in seeing that journey through.

But now, Gibbs has taken away the crack pipe. Instead of multi-million dollar signings, we get Casey Rabach. Rather than splashing with Mike Williams, it's Carlos Rogers, who fills a need -- *GASP* -- but who doesn't dress up the offsesaon with ornate but empty glitz that we've experienced so many a time before. And instead of taking a player that'll ring our bell right now in Campbell, he gives us a T-Bill that we can cash in years later.

That's right, folks, it's an abrupt and rude awakening to a day without a higher high. It's a day that prompts withrawal induced comments that we've had a terrible offseason and an even worse draft for abandoning our annual quest for Oz, and that we've abdicated flash and immediate impact for character, work ethic, need, foresight and development. So it is with all those caught in the unrelenting grips of addiction and withdrawal. Yet, it is all not without hope or resolution as time cures all such ills and desires for the next visit with the glass pipe. And it is time that some of us will need to see how Gibbs, the pipe taker, is really Gibbs, the hope giver. Until then, Gibbs becomes the accursed, and the flitting hopes of those grasping for that next hit will provide fodder for controversy and confrontation. For those of us that fit that description, let it ride and come back when you conquer that need for a higher high.

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