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Am i the only one thinking about this draft possibility


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ok. this may be going out on a huge limb, but it would make sense based on what's going on.

1. They want campbell, but the news got out.

2. Reaction: start to make a play for edwards and take the heat off of campbell as everyone expects the Danny to come up w/ a big splash.

3. Last year, the Dolphins offered the skins their first rounder (20) for ramsey. this year maybe ramsey could be had for a 2nd rounder. great deal for the fish as they'd get a starting back and qb. maybe cleveland.

4. redskins trade down from 9, to 11-13 and pick best player available: williamson, merriman.

5. draft campbell at 25

6. draft what they didn't w/ the 2nd round pick from dolphins.

they'd also have an extra pick from trading down from 9. and i think they'll end up w/ a 3-4th rounder for gardner, which i think would be stupid as i think the guy could still be the best wr on the team.

i think gibbs realizes that this team won't win while he's here. and that he has 1 more year. might as well give gregg williams a team he can work with.

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this year's sched is even harder though. and in the league shoulda / coulda still don't amount to wins. i just think the reality is that the redskins lost 2 key defensive starters and a key offensive player. the line should be better. this team isn't even close. the defense overachieved and can that be expected again. we'll see, but they didn't have ravens like talent when the ravens won the defensive superbowl.

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Actually this team is likely very close. The O-Line upgrades alone might account for several wins. Factor in the fact that half of the season won't be pissed away on a failed experiment, the newly acquired downfield experience and speed at WR, the not unreasonable likelihood of a top 10 Defense just as currently constituted, etc. make Redskin fans very anxious for the season.

If we draft Merriman and a CB with our top picks I will be very happy. As Doc says, the D is where the strength is...make it even better.

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Originally posted by techiecool

hasselback...still would loved to have seen him play to figure out what he's about.

We saw Timmay play, and for those of us who watched we saw a QB with no arm strength that with never be a starting QB in this league.

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I agree with most of what you say, except for the part about trading Ramsey THIS YEAR. If we acquire Campbell -- which I think we will -- Ramsey will still be the starter. Depending on how well Ramsey plays this year, will determine whether he is traded NEXT YEAR or not.

Campbell meanwhile can carry the clipboard unless Ramsey goes down with an injury. :)

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