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So I have decided


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Originally posted by jimster

yes, but do the names

Darrell Green

Charles Mann

Mark Rypien

Alvin Walton

Kelvin Bryant

Timmy Smith

Ed Simmons

Jeff Bostic

Darryl Grant

Chip Lohmiller

Stan Humphries

Mark Schlereth

Brian Mitchell

Ricky Irvins

Sean Taylor

Chris Cooley ring a bell?

...and that does even scratch the of the picks he's traded for players that contributed.

OK, does the name Bobby Bethard mean anything to you?

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Originally posted by PearlHarborCrew

OK, does the name Bobby Bethard mean anything to you?

Some of you want to look only at this last year. Fine. Look at this last year closely. Yes, there was Brunell. People can and will defend him, justifiably so, by saying he was in a new offense, etc., etc. The fact is he played poorly, regardless of whose fault it was. And to give up a high draft pick for that was a mistake, I think most people might agree. HOWEVER, look at the rest of last year. Griffin played fairly well, did he not? How about Springs? Taylor was a decent pick, no? Cooley also looks like he just might work out. Marcus Washington, I believe was one of the free agent signings. Portis certainly showed flashes. I don't think you will find too many people who will be upset if he approaches 1500 yeards each season. Gibbs also decided to bring G. Williams in, right? That runed out fairly well. So two questionable, at worst decisions, Brunell and Portis, if you are grading tough. Aside from that, Gibbs off season last year has to be considered an unqualified sucess, to this point. Granted, we should not grade these things too quickly, which means we may re-visit the Brunell situation in 3 years and realize that was not as bad as it now looks. And I feel very confident in saying that Portis will play VERY well for us.

All that to say, Gibbs is doing very well as a personel man. VERY WELL. If anything, his problem alst year was coaching, and the adjustment time he needed was perhaps longer than he had anticipated. I saw distinct improvement towards the end of the year, and look forward to him being on top of thigns this year, from the coaching aspect.

Stop throwing Brunell at Gibbs! One questionable (maybe 2) move does not make him a poor talent evaluator, especially when you factor in the rest of the off season last year. As for this off season, we aren't even close to finished with it, so let's see how it all shakes out before we demand Gibbs find a GM b/c he is a terrible player evaluator.

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The fact of the matter is that throwing Coach Gibbs to the wolves for one signing (Brunell) - that may or may not be a mistake is totally uncalled for.

We are so quick to judge.

Yeah, the contract is huge, and with that type of money you certainly expect a guy to play alot better than what Mark did.

Regardless of Brunell's performance a year ago, the bottom line is that if he possessed a cheap contract, I'd be willing to bet that many on this site would be preaching the "great insurance policy" word.

Money talks, and it saddens me that this seems to be the basis for so many "experts" around here to want to crucify a two-time AFC Championship starting QB, and three-time Super Bowl winning coach.

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