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We made this deal for this reason. We aren't in love with anyone at the number 9 pick. Does Wiliams need a superstar at corner to run his defense? Harris, Wilds, Clark, Lott...? I dont think so. This trade was designed to trade the number 9 pick for alot of picks. Our only pick in round one may be at 25. By Saturdays end I would not be surprsied if we pick in the first, second, and third rounds plus recoup some of next years picks. Read Cerratos statements in todays WP. However, In the event that a stud falls at 9 we could still get him. Why let the Campbell thing leak at all if that was our plan? I don't buy it. At 25 we take the best wr or corner available. In round two we go the opposite way.

Our number 1 free agent next year will be Clements so why burn a number 9 on a corner now? We won't. Skins will turn out okay. The bottom line is no matter what theSkins do the meduia will label them as giving up too much.

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