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Marcos "dead" money


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This has probably been answered a million times and YES I really should spend the time and familiarize myself with the intricacies of the salary cap world in which we live, but I have a question.

Can the impact of the dead money we owe Marco be mitigated by him signing a new contract?

If Marco re-signs elsewhere, or even here for that matter, will we still have to pay out to him? I thought I remeber something about us paying the difference between what we owed him from his first contract with us and whatever he earns with his new contract.

Fact or fiction?

Curious Fish is waiting for his bruthas to square his uninformed a$$ away!

Thanks in advance.

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Looks like DH or someone has been helping you with your new pic. I liked the old one though better.

Anyways, Marco saves the Skins somewhere (and I say that because the media has reported conflicing #'s) between $3.5 and $4 mil this year in cap space.

Next year, Marco's cap hit will be for about $3.5 mil in accelerated signing bonus (I believe). Like Ratty said, whether he is signed or not by us or another team, the 3.5 mil or so in "dead money" will stay on the books. Other dead money for next year will occur from Bruce SMith (post June 1, 2003 retirement/release) and probably money from Stephen Davis *sigh* :gus:

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Well Evil, you are correct on all counts that are Salary Cap related! :D

As far as my avatar, CounterTrey made this one for me. I just thought I wanted a switch. Two people have told me they like this one better.

So, I am glad you say you liked the other one better. I think the other one needs whiskers added to it though. Some have said that it didn't look enough like a Rat's head on the cross bones.

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Well, personally, I like this new one better.

It seems more personal than the other one which looked similar to another poster whos name fails me right now.

By the way, what do you have to do to get Counter Trey to do an avitar for you?

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