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And then ... (speaking of invisibility)


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I could amost hear the blood pressure begin to rise behind my eye balls as if my eye sockets were filled with lead. It was going to happen. There was no way I could stop it. By now I had become accustomed to that familiar twinge of pain that began just behind my eyes. By the time that this one has subsided, it could all be over.

As that ever so agonizing jet of pain spread from the back of my eyes, across the top of my head and into the bowels of my brain, it happened. The voices, they had returned. I began to hear the goulish sound of her voice as she said........................

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"What are you thinking of Agent?"

"My eye", I mutter. The spasms of the episode are like seismic jitter, breaking me from within. The nausea and pressure bring me again to the familiar, half-blind awareness.

Light: What of it?

Darkness: It is leaden. Painful.

Light: What of the million eyes watching?

Darkness: I can't spit in all of them.

Spasms screw my body into a tragic geometry.

Light: What else?

Darkness: The devil's foot. The devil's cloven foot.

Light: Navajo?

Darkness: Yes.

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It took no small amount of will to shake my head clear. The visions, sweating, pain and shaking were almost normal side effects of being invisible. At least by this method. Reminded me of my youth in college actually. The voices on the other hand. My conscious was making its presence known. Reaching up I wiped my nose. Leaving a trail was not the stealthiest of things when invisible. As I made my way to the main door, I turned briefly to look behind me. Cpl. Frances was actually wearing a slight grin. Looking at some of the guards who were new this post I saw why. Mouths were open and eyes were wide, as if that would assist them in seeing what they didn’t see. Of course, considering the side effects I had just been through, well. Suffice to say that most have seen someone talking to himself or herself, but most haven’t had the opportunity to not see someone talking to himself or herself. The door opened as I approached. I walked in and the familiar voice of the Captain said; “Good Morning”.

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