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OT: Why were your expectations so High For Clones and/or Menace??


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I'll start this here and expect Art to move it at his discretion.

Why were you expectations of the recent Star Wars flicks so high?? What exactly were you expecting? Were they this high for the orginal trilogy?

No one can classify any one the orginal trilogy as the greatest movies of all time. I know a lot of you didn't like the new ones. I'm just curious to know what you expected to see when you spent your 8 bucks?

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I think one of the reasons I enjoyed the movie "both" times, is that I went in with no expectations. Just the hope that I would be entertained. No hopes were dashed. (mind you, that's all I ever go into any movie with, except the occasional...er....extra :pint: that is opened at a nice loud part. :D

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Let's see... Does the name George Lucas ring a bell to you? How about the fact that the Star Wars trilogy where each the highest grossing movies of their time. Or the fact that the series is in it's 30+ years old...

I guess I am not sure of your point? Whenever I go to see a movie I would hope and basically expect it to be worth the 8 dollars I spent on it. I certainly never expect to get only 3 dollars worth of my 8 bucks, although it seems to happen quite frequently these days.

Let me ask you what you would expect when your favorite music artist puts out a new record? You would expect it to be on par with the rest, right? That is what everyone expects. Doesn't always happen though. Sometimes the record exceeds your expectations, and sometimes it falls short. When it does, you complain about it.

Anyway, I think all Star Wars fans expect is something that is on par with the fantastic original trilogy. Lucas missed a step with Menace, and has basically returned to form (albeit just par) with Clones.

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