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Mickey Spagnola, writer from 'Boys official website, serves up a dose of reality

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Funny stuff from a 'Boys beatwriter on the 'Boys own official website . . . some excerpts . . .

"There seems to be some optimism running rampant out there, as if the Cowboys' off-season free-agent moves and draft day acquisitions have solved all that ails them.

Now, they helped themselves, sure enough. Not only brought in some higher-profile free agents for a change, but also draft picks pegged to significantly contribute their rookie seasons. That's all good.

But this talk of playoffs? Of challenging the Eagles for the NFC East Division title? As if the Cowboys have solved all the considerable ills which turned them into back-to-back 5-11 teams and plummeted them into the NFC East cellar last year?"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"So there you have it. Just in case you were getting a tad chesty about the Cowboys' off-season accomplishments, here are a few things to concern yourself with over the next few months. Major concerns? Ah, a couple could be, but concerns nevertheless.

And that's normally the way it is, no matter what took place in the off-season with a team coming off a 5-11 season."


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I don't think any team is guaranteed anything, but there is always that surprise team. The Pats were 5-11 the year before they became SB champs...but of course the Cowboys don't have to put in a second stringer to win the super bowl, they've got one starting for them :D

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Originally posted by OrangeSkin

...but of course the Cowboys don't have to put in a second stringer to win the super bowl, they've got one starting for them :D

I'd take Shane Matthews over QC any day, but I still pretty much regard him as a back-up QB. So the same thing could basically be said of us.

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After the Rams "worst-to-first" season a few years ago and the Patriots Super Bowl win this past season it's getting hard for fans NOT to be overly optimistic in teh pre season. Consider that both of those teams were picked to finish in the lower half of their own division and both teams lost their starting QBs early in the season, yet both came out of nowhere to win it all.

It's easy to say "Well hell, if THEY can do it ..."

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I think the Cowboys are a dangerous team, especially on defense. I don;t think they are going to the playoffs, but they could certainly knock some people out of the playoffs. If they had a QB they'd have a chance for a wild card slot.

Hey that sounds like us!!

Philly is still strong, but NY is in the crapper IMHO.:puke:

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Goldenster, Spanola's been one of the more sensible Cowboys writers the past few years.

Orangeskin, your opinions aside about Carter, at least the Cowboys have taken the sensible approach and decided to find out what they have in Quincy. Given that he still has not registered a full season of games (16) the braintrust has decided to give him the chance to see what he has.

This is based on the assumption that they haven't scratched the surface of what he can do with a full season of experience healthy. That to me seems sensible.

If there was any argument for a second stringer I would put the stable of Redskin QBs in front of Ramsey out for perusal. Ramsey has to have his look over the next few years. Anyone else in that spot is just a caretaker. Sounds like second string to me.

The Posse, agreed on the opinion that Matthews is really only a back up at this point of his career on this team, but QC is more physically gifted and raw at this stage - something that is much more valued in this league now. I would be willing to wager that alot more "young" teams in the NFL would be more willing to handing the reins of QB to Carter over Matthews on their teams as they try to develop.

Brave, the carrot of today's salary cap NFL. Anyone can move from the bottom to the top if your stars are properly aligned.

Indyskinsfan, all the teams you mentioned are but one injury away from worst. Just like the teams at the bottom are one injury away from first. (ie. Patriots.)

Skinsthug, I would not be afraid to say that the Cowboys have made enough moves talent wise to put themselves into the group of teams in the middle of the pack. The development of the QB position will determine if they can move into the top or not. That's up to either Quincy Carter, or if he fails, Chad Hutchinson.

Philly is still strong, but I have my doubts as to what their owner's motivation to win is based on. I have difficulty believing that Lurie not spending all his salary cap dollars will be helpful to the team's SuperBowl cause. They presently have 9 million in cap dollars available and they just gift wrapped Trotter to the Skins.

In 2001 they left cap dollars on the table. This makes no sense to me since one cannot bank unused cap space.

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I thought that was a good article by Spags. This time of year, a lot of fans seem to think that since there has been change, the problems have been solved. I still think Dallas has big ? at CB, TE, and QB.

The biggest factor that most fans seem to forget is injuries. Injuries during training camp are going to happen. The question is which players will be hurt and how bad. The starting lineup that Dallas fans (and other teams fans) envision at this point in the offseason will probably never take the field.

Any predictions at this point in the offseason are being made on very weak grounds.

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