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Did someone already post this TSN update?

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I agree that I don't see Doering or Anthony on the final roster.

Green shoud have his best season if the team doesn't bring in another veteran to soak up receptions.

Funny, there was no mention here of the defensive line where a lot of fluidity is still present.

Will the team cut either Smith or Coleman? Will either restructure?

Will Wynn start at DE or DT? Are any of the younger DT candidates going to be ready to play a role? Will Carl Powell, whom Lewis had in Baltimore become part of a rotation outside at DE?

This is the area of the team along with quarterback that carries the most risk for the team.

We work out the kinks and get productivity along the DL and at quarterback and this team will be a lot better than it is on paper right now, perhaps 2 or 3 games better :)

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I also agree about doering and anthony not on the roster. This article is good about showing how this could be green's best year and gardner playing slot reciever.. I still think Lockett should be #2 he was always there for the team last year he can really be productive I believe..

They did not mention DL because I think they are waiting to see what the skins do for a DT before commenting on it.. It is very easy to say smith coleman cut, sign sam adams dont sign him.. However, you have to wait till after june 1st and free agents start flying around. That and OG are the only unsettled positions if you give the fact the the starting QB is still up for grabs..

Good Article though its not often you can see a positive artilce on the skins

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Flemmy did well, we need him to block more than catch. I remember reading how in Denver last year the local guys were making fun of his name live on the radio, the next play he caught a TD. :laugh:

As far as J. Green goes, I'm not going to hold my breath. Even though he's only been in the black hole of offenses for the NFL. Who knows? He might be talented but again, I'm not holding out hope for him or Danny. Transition players.

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Jacquez Green has the quickness and speed to get off the line and get open in the team's quick-passing game. He also knows how to find the open spots in the defense.

Green understands the basic of Steve Spurrier's offense. That has enabled him to become accustomed quickly to the team and adjust to the wrinkles Spurrier has added since he and Green last were together. That, combined with his experience, should enable Green to put up his best numbers of his pro career. . . .

Fred Smoot should enjoy playing defense for Marvin Lewis. Smoot will be asked to play a heavy dose of man coverage. He not only enjoys that, he excels at it.

One thing Smoot will have to reign in, though, is a propensity to gamble. Lewis would rather see Smoot play tight defense and make a tackle for a short gain than give up a big play by taking a chance, even if that chance pays off on occasion. Lewis is not one who thinks making an interception balances out with giving up a touchdown pass. . . .

The team should be able to exploit the middle of the field in the passing game this season. Spurrier's quick-hitting offense should force teams to defend the outside of the field first, leaving the middle vulnerable. Tight end Zeron Flemister has good hands and decent speed and should be a good fit in the attack.

Putting Rod Gardner in the slot and running him over the middle also has potential. Gardner is the team's one wide receiver who has the size that will allow him to be a large target and an intimidating presence in the middle. . . .

Much has been made of Spurrier's collection of former Florida players. With the arrival of Shane Matthews, the team now has five former Gators -- Matthews, Danny Wuerffel, Chris Doering, Reidel Anthony and Green.

It's only natural for a coach to bring in players with whom he is familiar. In the case of the receivers, Green, Doering and Anthony can help the others get an understanding of the system between reps during practice.

If Spurrier keeps all five of these players on the final roster, then it will be eyebrow-raising time. Green and Matthews are in line to become starters. Doering and Anthony face stiff competition, as does Wuerffel.


LaVar Arrington arrived as a premier outside linebacker last season and should be even better this season. He has all the tools necessary to play the position at the highest level. He's big, strong, fast, intelligent, instinctive, loves to play and loves to make plays.

He's especially strong when he's allowed to sit just off the line and react to the play. He's a capable tackler, can disrupt the passing game by knocking receivers off balance when they run crossing routes in front of him and can chase down runners when he seemingly is out of the play.

He will get time as a standup end in passing situations in 2002 and should be able to use his speed, quickness and power to get effective pressure on quarterbacks.

The team was fine in the middle but still added Jeremiah Trotter. Trotter, in combination with Arrington, should make it difficult to move the ball against the team in 2002. Trotter is a powerful run stopper and is capable of being an every-down linebacker. His ability to play the run should free Arrington to go after quarterbacks on blitzes more than Arrington did last season.

Kevin Mitchell is a more than capable middle linebacker. He made dramatic improvements against the run last season and is primed to be even better this season. He will be a strong backup for Trotter, and when the team uses a 3-4 alignment, Mitchell should be an effective inside player.

Jessie Armstead is something of a question mark. He has had knee and hamstring problems but appears to be near 100 percent healthy now. If his knee holds up, he will give the team one of the most formidable linebacker corps in the league.

There is no question about Armstead's toughness. He played most of last season with a torn hamstring, and if he can get a uniform on, he will be on the field, taking care of his responsibilities. Armstead also is a strong presence in the locker room. He's used to winning, and the team needs all of that it can get.

Antonio Pierce made excellent strides last season and is a quick learner and a smart player. The team could have gone with him as the starter on the weakside and been in good shape. He gained valuable experience last season and is particularly effective in pass coverage. He doesn't make a big impression because he's not the type of player who goes through blockers to make tackles. He's quite adept at getting around blockers to make plays. He's the type of player who shows up well when the coaching staff breaks down the film.

Eddie Mason is a capable backup for the short term. He'll wear down if he's needed for the bulk of the season. His main contribution is as a standout special teams player.

Sounds to me that Skaggs or D Mac may have a chance to make the team.

Putting the speed guy outside with Gardner in the slot is interesting if we go that way since I thought the slot receiver would be J Green.

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