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OT - Canes take Devils


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every year hockey produces the most unlikely upsets in the postseason.

when the Caps made it to the Finals they were the #4 seed in the East and watched all the other top seeds get upset in the first two rounds.

I still think Carolina is a team playing over its head. But their example is one of the reasons the Caps season was such a complete disappointment.

With the talent on this team there should have been no question about making simply making the playoffs.

The fact they went 9-2-1 down the stretch AFTER the Oates trade indicates how cleary the team underperformed for the first 60 odd games of the season.

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Hockey beats the sh!t out of soccer as far as excitement. There is usually more scoring and there is ALWAYS far more action and the guys don't fall down and play dead every time someone brushes up against them.

Soccer is OK ... I can watch it some every 4 years, but I am fast becoming a hockey fan. Seen a few Canes games since the franchise moved down here to NC and it's easy to see what all the fuss is about.

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GO HARTFORD....i mean Carolina

Im so glad NJ is gone. Now when Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa it will be 3 or 4 in the eastern semis for Canada. :)

Soccer is a great sport to watch. Ofcourse i watch curling, auto racing, horse racing, rugby and cricket if its on tv. cant wait for the world cup GO IRELAND!!

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