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Nothing standing between Mathews and the Skins

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I don't care what was said BEFORE Shane was released, now that he's been cut WE HAVE TO SIGN HIM.

From the Post:

Matthews Released After Six Years in Chicago

LAKE FOREST, Ill. – Quarterback Shane Matthews was released by the Bears on Wednesday after six years in Chicago.

The move clears the way for Matthews to sign with Washington, where coach Steve Spurrier, who coached him at Florida, had been pursuing a trade for him. However the Redskins' intentions may have changed, when they drafted quarterback Patrick Ramsey of Tulane in the first round of last weekend's draft.

Matthews became expendable when the Bears acquired free agent quarterbacks Chris Chandler from Atlanta and Henry Burris from Green Bay in recent weeks to back up starter Jim Miller.

The 6-foot-3, 196-pounder played in four games in 2001, including three starts. He rallied the Bears to overtime wins in back-to-back weeks against San Francisco and Cleveland.

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I can't imagine Matthews going to Cincy. In Washington he's got a legit shot to start, a chance to win and a chance to play for the coach who made him a star in a system he knows.

In Cincy, well ... he'd be in Cincy. Nuff said. :)

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I think it's more crucial now that we look at Matthews than it was prior to getting Ramsey. Matthews, for all his warts, is a very accurate passer and he's seen some time on an NFL field lately. He'd provide adequate veteran leadership and, hell, he might not spike himself quite as badly as we think Wuerffel would.

He has a career 61.1 completion percentage. He hit on 65 percent a year ago. In an offense like Spurrier's where he'll come in and already be better suited and more knowledgeable of it than he was in Chicago, we might find that accuracy beneficial if we are to be very competitive. And, if Ramsey is to be the starter, he'd be a more comfortable guy to have behind the rookie than Wuerffel is to many of us. I know we're rooting for Sage, but, I'm in favor of bringing in a guy with a tad more experience actually playing the position than we have right now.

Wuerffel might be an exceptional teacher, but, Matthews might be able to give actual game tips to Ramsey where Wuerffel might, himself, have trouble getting used to the speed of the players again.

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True and for the time we took negotiating an putting up with the bs from Chitown, we ought to just sign him on general principle. Even if he's not the greatest, we at least have a vet presence.

Solidarity on the offense would be a heck of lot better! 3 yr contract, 3rd yr voidable?

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