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on the positive side.....


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we have 3 pro bowl linebackers, 2 pro bowl (one actual, one potential) cornerbacks. we have one very good dt and the best d coach in the league. we find an adequate dt and we will be in every game without a doubt. find us a *amn run stuffer for christ's sake!!!!!! we'll worry about de's next season on the expectation that wynn/coleman/smith are servicable. to restate - the d better be ready to carry this team.....

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I don't know what's going through Danny Snyder's head, but do you really NEED another CB?

The Skins have one of the top CB duos in the NFL and with needs at OL and DL, they take another CB??? I don't get it.

Sollie chollie. I'm scratching my head also...


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