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Buffalo out of Blake running...He'll be cheap


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Here's an article on the Buffalo search for QB. It looks like Bledsoe, therefore Blake is without a home or suitor. I still think that he could be a good one/two year fix while SS looks toward Grossman or Dorsey. That leaves a DT on th board for the draft.

Blake doesn't believe he's Bills' answer at QB

April 19, 2002

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. (AP) -- Free-agent quarterback Jeff Blake is negotiating with three NFL teams, including Baltimore, after talks broke off with the Buffalo Bills. ADVERTISEMENT

After being briefly courted by Buffalo, Blake has moved on while the Bills continue their bid to trade for New England's Drew Bledsoe, Blake's agent, Ralph Cindrich said, on Friday.

``There's nothing there,'' Cindrich said, referring to the recent interest the Bills showed in Blake.

Cindrich doesn't believe the Bills would return their attention to Blake if they fail to acquire Bledsoe.

``I'm not sure that would be the case. We haven't had any discussions along those lines,'' Cindrich said of his talks with Buffalo. ``We don't have any offers from them. ... We've been talking with Baltimore and two other teams.''

Blake, a nine-year veteran, was released by New Orleans in February after losing his starting job to Aaron Brooks.


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How many years is MY question, if we bother to pursue him...

Odds are we're his best option, save Baltimore...But who would want to go there the way that Billick has treated his QB's recently? Even winning a SB can't ensure you your job!:laugh:

Graham and Carr in Houston, Bledsoe and Van Pelt in Buffalo, looks as if we're his only REAL choice left! He's GOT to come cheap.

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Blake had his window of opportunity here. He didn't even come back with a realistic offer after the Redskins rejected his $4 million bonus idea.

Instead he moved on to the Bills, hoping to force them to up the ante on the Redskins. Donohoe didn't blink and now Blake is out of luck.

Let him sign with Baltimore after June 1. the Ravens lost Shannon Sharpe, Qadry Ismail and Jamal Lewis is coming back from a second major knee operation in 3 years going back to college.

Blake is going to find Baltimore to be a dead-end.

Serves him right.

I will be laughing when we see that Blake held out all this time and ends up with little more than the Skins were offering in the beginning :)

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This is good news. I hope the Redskins are one of the 3 teams mentioned that Blake is contintuing to negotiate with. We could have an all world defense with Trotter, but if we dont get a decent QB in here, it will all be for naught.

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