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Results of Deion Poll


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Here's how the voting tallied:<br /><br />1 person thinks Deion will be cut outright.<br /><br />5 people think he and Marty will patch it up.<br /><br />8 think Deion will repay some $$ to leave.<br /><br />(hey, its slow today!!!)<br /> <br /> [ January 25, 2002: Message edited by: Die Hard ]

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With the release of Stubblefield, Hicks, Connell and Brad Johnson all of the annoying players are gone except Deion.

When and if his departure can be arranged I will be very grateful.

Otherwise, I like this team as it is taking shape. Less star power and more guys that are younger, hungrier type muckers. Exactly what Philly and New Orleans rode to the playoffs last year.

And what Joe Gibbs won with for 12 years here. smile.gif

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When the door hits slimetime where the sun doesn't shine the only player we will have left with a potential for needing the spotlight is Smoot.

I don't think he will be as flamboyant though


Yes I'm paid to think and I need a raise

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don't forget Jeff George, although I seem to think he will only act up when he sees a management vacuum on the team.

When Norv got fired and there was turmoil then all of a sudden George started spewing again. Just as he did with weak coaches like June Jones and Ron Meyer.

But when he has been faced with tougher coaches like Dennis Green, he has kept his mouth shut.

I expect Marty to intimidated him enough to keep him in line here.smile.gif

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