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Possible lead on Chandra Levy disappearance


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I have read an article from CNN.com that says the D. C. police have a tape which shows Levy having a "chat" with store clerk at a 7-11, the day before her disappearance.

The fact that this tape is consficated and reviewed and may be significant could be this.

When Levy is at her apartment, she is making her usual rounds in her place, while also sending an email. Maybe a person that knows the clerk or even the clerk has her address or something showing it or something that belongs to her as well. They knock and not thinking for a brief moment of the consequences of her actions, opens the door without checking. Perhaps at gun or knifepoint, she is asked to leave with the intruder, without the intruder having to step foot in her apartment and she is accosted to a waiting vehicle.

Another interesting note is a remark made by the former Chauffer for Rep. Gary Condit (the Congressman accused of having an affair with Levy), Vince Flammini. He says "She might have been a little weaker than people think", which suggest she could be gullible and open to aggression without thinking first. This could support the argument that the person knew just enough to convince her things were ok, even if the person had just met her, such as the store clerk or an observer at the store. Another is the question of who she knew outside the "circle" of her known acquantances. That does happen, sometimes a neighbor or a cab driver, etc. Not much, but maybe just enough to convince her that the person would cause any harm.

Consider that nothing was out of the ordinary in the apartment, but things were arranged as though she were still there, suggesting, an interruption of her time. Long enough to have her come to the door, too trusting, and become victimized, perhaps even going to a secondary crime scene.

Many programs warn us to always keep the assailant or attacker out in the open in plain view of everyone or around as many people in a given area as possible, whether daylight or dark. This increases the chances that if the assailant threatens to harm you, they will have to do it there, NOT at a secondary crime scene, which is most likely certain to allow the attacker to get away without positive identification.

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It doesn't look like suicide and I doubt it was a case of amnesia where she just wandered off, or that she is sane but in hiding. Unfortunately my bet's on foul play, but it could be anybody.


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Don't expect a blody glove to be found because Condit had 2 months to clean his apt.

Then he drew further uspicion by dumping a watch box miles away in Virginia.

Chandra is probably in a shallow grave in Virginia after telling him she was going to keep the baby.



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In fact the intern that is an assistant to Condit, should have realized that if your name comes up for anything dealing with that relationship (Condit and Levy), then you will be investigated. He "unfortunately" didn't cover his tracks, as the records, calls, fuel and credit card bills will eventually show.

Other indications and the fact that his name, out of all those interns is showing up as the one who has been calling a woman he never knew? C'mon guy, you're on the payroll to obstruct justice. The Levy's option to sue is actually the smoking gun, because it initiates, interrogatorries, testimony, discovery and the ultimate from the judge to testify: Subpoena.

In the federal side of it, the FBI has multijurisdictional authority as the case became widened when Condit got on a plane and crossed a state line, drove over a state line, walked, ran, etc. He is now scrutinzed so hard, it's making all of Hollywood's stars envious as he**!!!

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