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Gibbs, Fits like a glove


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Remember what its like to put on the baseball glove that has been laying around for years? At first you dont know what to expect, but then it all comes back to you. Suddenly, the crusty leather begins to soften and all the memories return as a big grin emerges. The glove is on. The good ole days are back. The glove is on!

The thing I was most impressed about sunday was our coaching staff. I feel this way because our whole team seemed to play well enough to get the W. I feel much more confident as a fan with Gibbs at the helm and am confident the glory days of football are back in the NFC and more importantly in DC. Gibbs is like putting on an old glove...it fits...it feels right...your ready to play again. It sure has been a while (inhales rawhide)......exhales burgundy and gold...:2cents:

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