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Blocking my IP address: Part 2.........


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Last week, I started a thread on how to block my IP address online:


Some of you told me about a program called ZoneAlarm, which I downloaded. I also went and got a copy of Norton Internet Security as well. My problem is that I am not computer savy(Meaning TOO STUPID) to be able to use both these programs together to do what I wish to do.

Can anyone who knows how to help me please?

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Originally posted by WallyG3

You don't need Zone Alarm if you have Norton Internet Security because NIS includes a firewall. My suggestion would be to uninstall Zone Alarm, install the Norton suite, and let it do it's thing.

Okay cool.

Now, since I'm a moron, explain to me how to set the right settings so the Norton blocks the IP address online

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