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FSU/MIAMI Who Will Win?


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i am a big MIA fan, but i think this is the year that another incredible exodus of talent will be too much to replace. all the Noles lost was Boulware and Greg Jones (who wasn't even at 100% last season). MIA lost 6 players to the first 21 NFL teams that drafted last April.

if FLA St doesn't win this one then i will be pleasantly shocked.

go 'Canes!

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Originally posted by SkinInsite

Well then you better hope Rix doesn't have a melt down, although Berlin's pretty eratic too.

I guess FSU should win since they got better RBs.

You called it: M E L T D O W N. I'm sick of it. I'm writing off this season already. It can't end soon enough so FSU can find a new QB for next year. Rix is horrible.

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