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14 team league

QB T. Green (KC - QB) 

 WR E. Moulds (Buf - WR)

 WR K. Robinson (Sea - WR) 

 RB E. James (Ind - RB)

 RB B. Westbrook (Phi - RB) :(

 WR/TE M. Booker (Mia - WR) 

K M. Stover (Bal - K)

DEF Minnesota (Min - DEF)

 BN D. Foster (Car - RB)

 BN R. McMichael (Mia - TE)

 BN Q. Morgan (Cle - WR)

 BN K. Warner (NYG - QB) :(

 BN D. Brien (NYJ - K)

 BN Atlanta (Atl - DEF)

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That is a pretty good team considering it's a 14 team league.

We just had our draft this weekend and I'm also in a 14 team league.

I'm happy with my QB's - McNair and Leftwich.

I'm happy with my RB's - Portis, Thomas Jones, Charlie Garner and McGahee. I'm not sold on Thomas Jones - because I think the Bears will suck and he's never really been that good anyway - but EVERY SINGLE YEAR I always pass on a guy like him (ranked way higher than I think he should be) and it comes back to bite me in the a$$. So I took him.

I absolutely hate my WR's - Koren Robinson, Reggie Wayne, Roy Williams, Jerry Rice and McCants. I should have taken a WR earlier than the 5th round...there was nothing left by then.

Took the Skins D too...I'm happy with that because I think they will be big in terms of sacks/turnovers.

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