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please rate my ff team

Stone Cold

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we just completed an online draft. there are 12 teams in the league and we use individual players on defense (tackles rack up a lot of points). appreciate any feedback...


rb-f taylor

rb-rudi johnson

rb/wr-chris brown

wr-koren robinson

wr-l coles

wr-d driver


wr/te-quincy morgan

k-john hall

d-shawn barber

d-kendrell bell

d-chris claiborne

dl-d brooks



db-ed reed

db-shawn taylor

db-deon grant

-stone cold

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I'd say slighty above average. I don't like having to start Morgan or Driver. If you improve at all there this would be a really good team. Taylor, Rudi, Brown is an awesome set of RBs. Don't touch them. You need Quincy and Driver to step up. Looks like great D players, but I'm no expert there.

You miss-spelled Sean Taylor. I recomend you edit that. That is a punishable offence.

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