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Sanders Contract


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I think Sanders could actually be better than he was when he left. After taking a couple years off, perhaps his turf toe has healed. I know, it took my turf toe a couple years of relative inactivity to heal all the way. It's hard to push off with turf toe, so he could be better now than when he left.

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Originally posted by Sknzfan

You had to know it was going to be for at Least a Mill.....

It will be Kinda Funny when a #3 Receiver comes in and Toast's him.......

he wont cover the # 3 wr, he will cover the # 2 guy in passing situations and baxter will slide inside on the 3rd guy. no way dieon will cover the slot , they tend to be more physical. plus i may me in the few but i dont think he had a bad year. the problem most had beside a predetermined hatred, was that he got alot of money( to much i agree) and he didnt make the big plays he had in the past. he was how ever reliable and didnt give up many points. oh yeah alot of people also hate the fact that he came in here and pushed green into being the nickel back.

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Originally posted by Tom [Giants fan]

Anyone else find it curious he decided to play AFTER training camp and double sessions were over?

Ummm...Sort of like McCallister and Charles Woodson?

Walter Jones, Orlando Pace and Keenan McCardell should be reporting anyday now....:rolleyes:

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