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When Gibbs first coached here in D.C, in all honesty, i didnt know much about him mainly becuase i was a little kid and i didnt watch the news alot. I just watched the games and all i knew was, we were good. Gibbs brought 3 Super Bowl wins to D.C and i am greatly appreciative but i had no idea the type of work ethic Gibbs had.

Now that Gibbs is back, i hear these legendary stories about how dedeicated he was, how hard, how late he worked, that he had a couch in his trainning camp office and so on has motivated me as a person.

I must say Gibbs work ethic is second to none and it has made me want to work harder at whatever i do. so u see, not only is Gibbs motivating his players but he is motivating others whether he knows it or not.

If gibbs can stay up til 5 in the morning, why can we not work harder?

Thank you Joe GIbbs.

Hail redskins.

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