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I was listening to 980 last night and they had their summer awards. Had me LMAO.

And at the same time it got me upset remembering some of this stuff.

Here is a couple:

1. Worst idea of the year.

"DannyWorld" Charging for Training Camp

2. On the Next Train out

Deion Sanders 49%

Peter Angelos 17%

Adam Oates 11%

3. REMOTE Smashing moment of the year

S Davis fumble returned 105 for TD 27%

L Baxter 5th foul in Duke game 25%

Samari Rolle int return before halftime 19%

Caps fail 2 score on 5 on 3 vs Pens 15%

4. Don't let the door hit you

Rod Strickland 55%

Al Belle 18%

Norv Turner 17%

5. Agony of defeat Award

MD losing at home against duke in OT 45%

Caps losing to Pen

Skins losing to Cards.

6. Most embarrassing moment

Terp Fans Rioting after Duke lose 29%

Ravens paying for parking at FedEx 20%

7. MVP Juan Dixon

George Evan

8. J Gibbs trophy Recipient

Gary Willaims of UMD

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let's face it. Outside of Maryland and to a lesser extent Georgetown basketball, sports in the Washington area had one of the worst cumulative seasons in recent memory.

The Wizards won 19 games, the worst mark since 1961.

The Capitals lost to the Penguins in the first round of the playoffs for the 6th time in 7 tries since 1991.

The Redskins went 8-8 and limped to the end of the season in a fashion I don't recall since Jack Pardee was fired after the 1980 season. That was after watching Dan Wilkinson and Marco Coleman light up victory cigars after a preseason party at Olive's in Washington celebrating their "success" which had yet to be realized.

Oh, and the Redskins went ahead and slept with the enemy by signing ex-Cowboy showboat, Deion Sanders.

True Redskins fans, and Snyder should have known this growing up here, HATE showboat players like Sanders.

This team has rarely had that type of athlete on the team, BY DESIGN.

We have nowhere to go but up in 2001 on all fronts. smile.gif

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Signing Slime Time was number 3 on the 980 worst GM decision of the year.

What is sort of funny is that I did break my remote on two of those occasions but on all of them I did have some colorful things to say about the skins and their coach.

I believe that Dark cloud that has been a blight on DC sports will disperse this year.

And if the Marlins suffer thru major losses in the profit seeking area and say time to beat feet to DC that would really be sweet.



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