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Whats going on with Arrington


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Just a notion, but it could be he's trying to spy, but more on the aggressive side. Being too far off the line may not allow him to get to the QB in time. He's also learning some things without the pie being put on the field. Your good observation may have spotted what is "pieces" of the defense, and when the "closed" workouts take place, that is when the Schottenheimers put it all together, which will probably be a week before the San Diego game. That is really the only game they will prepare Fully for. Everything else is: "Let's see how far we can take this,without leaving too much for Norv Turner on film" "Let's see if he can drop back quick enough on a pump fake and reclaim the passing lane". Just a notion, but two, maybe four, that come to mind that could get up on your QB and then fade right back into the thick of the pass is, Lawrence Taylor, Derrick Thomas and Wilbur Marshall or Keena Turner (SF49ers -70-80's).

LaVar Arrington actually could do this as 'fast' as Kenna Turner and lay a Marshall,Thomas or Taylor lick on a receiver. SF dreaded Lawrence Taylor more than any other top flight team because he enjoyed some his finest against them and throttled the "short" passing game. Roger Craig would always look over his shoulder and so did Rice,Taylor,

and others.

Is he being too cautious, don't think so. He might have been a little tight in the legs or didn't have the right angle or whatever. I see the point of asking, it's just that preseason, most take something off, so it's so hard to tell. Must be the "way of the veteran"?

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Lavar will show case some of skillz against New England and let it all hang out when they play the Norvals.

I'd still wait to play B Smith and M Coleman until the last game and only for a series.


Take a sip of the Marty Kool Aid and Believe

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don't forget that Arrington's shoulder popped out in practice after the sprain he suffered. The Redskins have a lot of money and prestige tied up in LaVar and his career development.

Think Marty is going to turn him loose in a preseason game for a Falcon offensive lineman to hit him or reinjure his shoulder by falling on him to prevent a sack?

Arrington is out there to work on his drops in zone coverage against the pass and on getting some reps against the run, that's about it.

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