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1310Gaming delivers for ExtremeSkins

Dexter's Better

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As some of you may know, I operate 1310gaming.com.

The subject of creating a dedicated gaming server for the Extremeskins community has been discussed with redman and myself in private messages over the past 14 days. I finally got around to getting the thing up and running.

BattleField Vietnam:

Enjoy -- I need to get Punkbuster enabled.. but other than that it should be up and running for a long time.

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Thanks, Dex. I PM'ed you back before I saw this thread.

And yes, newegg is great. I bought my RAM stick through them and everything was as advertised - and at a low price.

Oh, and the game is Battlefield 1942. I don't have BFV, though I hear it's good. I'll see you all there.

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Originally posted by Liberty

thanks for the links. Newegg looks pretty good

I have ordered from them numerous times, never once had a problem.

In fact one time I got a bad motherbaord and returned it to them, they sent me a new one with no problem...

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