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Just some thoughts on terror


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I'm always asked if all Muslims are terrorists. Heck, in sneaky way- one my bosses the week of 9/11 was trying to gage if I was a terrorist. They wanted to interview me for their class on life overseas. I told them fine- except I grew up in the US.

I tell my co-workers that if someone immigrated after the 1st gulf war; then yes you can be a little leary. The past immigrants came here like everyone else. A better life. I'm sure most of post gulf war immigrants did too- but there is some who only came here to eventually wage their unholy war of satan. The Muslim world has become radicalized. They see eutopia and a sense of empowerment in terror. Sadly, they only way the will see the light is by suffering the consequences of their vile and sick acts.

I will saw this. Iraq will fail. Iraq will not become a democracy because the overthrowing of Saddam. The Iraqi people are glad Saddam is gone but they don't give ****. The iraqi people aren't doing anything to help us fight the terrorists there. When terrorists strike- they smile and chant- yet the terrorists are killing more of them than the coalitions soldiers. I see Iraqi heading for civil war. Whatever government gets elected next year will not last long and will be overthrown. Then most of iraqis will engage in civil war.

I see Iran as the people providing hope- providing a possible war with them doesn't happen before their citizens can overthrow the government. If that can happen- that will wake up many people. Iranians rejected the government/system that many Muslims seek to have.

Personally, I wish some solar flare would just wipe out the middle east and then we don't have to be done with.

Oh, while listening to my late night radio: Here's some things that could prelude a forthcoming attack this year.

Rumor has is in the Pakastini community- they have told to leave the US because an attack is immenant. Also, Iran is massing troops on the Iraqi border because they know they US will be busy will terror attacks this summer in the US and won't be able to focus on IRaq. Just rumors I heard while listening on the radio.

Finally, I'll say it again. The only message the terrorists understand is death. So if death is what they want, death is what they'll get. Except, the it won't only be the terrorists themselves getting death. It will be the nieghborhoods/regimes that support them also recieving death.

It's time to stop being wimps and be tought like Russians and Chinese and kill these sons of ****es and their familians.

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It sucks to be American, for now. I mean, and this isn't any great observation, something REAL F*CKED up is going to happen in a couple of years. You thought April 19 and September 11 were bad?? Someone will nuke someone else. Not necessarily us, but thousands upon thousands will die. That, IMO, is the ONLY thing that will get the worlds attention. Harry Truman gave the world its last real attention grabbing moment. After McVeigh and Nichols no one thought in a million years we could get what we got on September 11th. That just escalted into the Iraqi War. We are so focused on Iraq I believe our borders have holes. Through those holes come rats. These rats have hate in their hearts and that is the only emotion that drives them. The next McVeigh or Bin Laden waits quietly for the right moment to strike. America won't be ready for it.

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