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Hard Knocks 2004


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Its not gonna be called Hard Knocks but the NFL Network is gonna follow the Jaguars this summer. I think its gonna be great!


The NFL has decided that the Jaguars are ready for their closeup.

Following in the footsteps of the Baltimore Ravens and Dallas Cowboys, the Jaguars will be the subject of a weekly, Hard Knocks-style documentary to be shown on the fledgling NFL Network this summer, team and league officials confirmed Tuesday.

The hour-long program, which has yet to be given a title, will focus on the Jaguars -- both behind the scenes and on the field -- as they go through training camp and the preseason.

NFL Network spokesman Seth Palansky said the league has exchanged proposals with Comcast, the Jacksonville area's primary cable provider, about adding the network but is unsure if an agreement could be reached by this summer.

The show, which will be taped by crews from NFL Films, will be in the same vein as Hard Knocks, a league-produced weekly documentary shown on HBO that profiled the Ravens in 2001 and the Cowboys in 2002.

HBO passed on broadcasting the Jaguars documentary because the network didn't want to compete with the Summer Olympics in Athens, which also will be held this summer, Palansky said.

Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio was a Ravens assistant in 2001 when Hard Knocks was filmed. Del Rio said that experience prompted him to agree to let crews film the team's every move and meeting this August and September.

"Having been through it before gave me the confidence not to be afraid of it," Del Rio said Tuesday.

Source: Jacksonville Times-Union

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Originally posted by Skyward72

I'm surprised Danny hasn't already jumped all over this concept yet.

Naaah, Gibbs wants to keep a low profile. Actually if anything I think he will be suprised about all the media hype as compared to what he was use to.

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Originally posted by Posse81

Just glad it's not the Skins. I hope we never go on one of those.

I hope so too. Gibbs told the media they can only film the first 15 minutes of minicamp so I'd imagine he wouldn't let camera crews follow players around all day and film coaching sessions.

It's a real cool show to watch. I'm surprised any coach would agree to that though.

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I just finished watching the Ravens Hard Knock series and it is fun to watch what really goes on behind the scenes.

They are replaying the Cowgirls series right now on NFL Network and its just downright comical.

I hope this series shows you more things like cutting players and coaches talking to agents. I like to see the behind the scenes reality of football.

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After watching Jerry Jones make a complete idiot out of himself on Hard Knocks II, I bet Snyder would hide from the camera if they ever did shoot one of those here. I can tell you this, though. Gibbs ain't too keen on the media and I don't expect much inside access from this team for a while. Good thing, as I think it's a distraction to the players.

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