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Postons getting soft


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There's a buzz in Panther land that a recent piece in the Charlotte Observer by Pat Yasinskas regarding the prospects of getting cornerback Chris Gamble under contract on a timely basis that agents Carl and Kevin Poston might have fed the information directly to Yasinskas in an effort to begin the process of softening their image.

In the 2004 offseason, the Postons have been involved in a series of controversies, which might have caused one or more of their clients to re-think the wisdom of utilizing their services. An increasing number of teams simply do not want to deal with the Postons, given their reputation for divisive tactics.

So some folks think the Postons are trying to use the media to help spread a more positive message.

Given the realities of gathering and reporting NFL news in major newspapers, some league insiders believe that the Postons have been playing quid pro quo with Michael Smith of the Boston Globe in exchange for favorable coverage in the market where the team with which they have a bad relationship resides, due in large part to a lingering dispute between the Pats and defensive back Ty Law.

As we see it, the Postons' best strategy for rehabilitating their image would be to: (1) get their rookies into camp; (2) study the market before making pie-in-the-sky demands for free agents; and (3) take responsibility for the $6.5 million snafu regarding LaVar Arrington's contract with the Redskins, and persuade him to drop his grievance against the team.

For some reason, we don't see it happening.

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Heck, a lot of people thought that the Poston's would make sure that their rookies this year were in camp and signed without any major problems because of the Arrington, Pace, Law, Buckley, Smoot, and Petersen issues.

Then they get up there and say that the NY Jets (who didn't draft in the top 7) had Winslow ranked as number 1 on their board, so therefore, Cleveland must pay him like a number 1 draft pick. These guys are complete crap ... with their motto of how to be a man, but taking responsiblity for dropping the ball, misrepresenting your clients, or owning up to negligence in your duties has no place in that mantra.

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These guys should've lost all their credilbility when they said that they didn't read LaVar's contract.

An agent not reading a contract? Doesn't exactly speak well for them.

And then saying KW2 was going to be the LeBron James of the NFL...hmmmm....okay.


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was there a Smoot issue bnacpa? Thats the first I ever heard of it, unless youre talking about how Smoot switched agents.

Agree otherwise, total bs how they want top pick money for Winslow cause the Jets may have drafted him if they had the top pick, very bad argument.

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There's no way they'll tell Lavar to drop his grievance. To do that they would have to admit they were wrong which they won't do in a million years. To be honest, I think Lavar hasn't handled the situation that poorly. Imagine if you had an agent you trusted and they told you you got ripped off by 6.5 million dollars. He got a little rough but no where near Ty Law territory.

Also, after that first minicamp when he got to see how the new team works he came out and softened his stance. I haven't heard anything about from him since then.

That's a pretty good sign that Gibbs is working his magic. Going into that training camp he had two potential controversies, Arrington and Ramsey. After they got a chance to know him a little it was night and day.

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