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Other than the changing schemes of today compared to yesterday or when Joe Gibbs coached. How come I keep reading post and hearing people say Gibbs must adapt to the FA era?

Frankly, I don't buy it. Joe Gibbs won 3 Superbolws with marginal key players that played within the frames of their assignments.

Now, other than the famous hogs which played a key part in all the Superbowl wins. What other players did we have that you could consider all-world or Hall-of-fame players?

Let's take a look.......With Art Monk being constantly denied the keys to the kingdom. Were left with Darrell Green and what ever Hog they decide is worthy to get in, if any. And when has any of Joe Gibbs Superbowl teams ever been mentioned as one of the best teams ever? Even though the Mark Rypien driven team broke all kinds of records on offense and demolished many opponents to an end route to the Superbowl and a 14-2 record.

Let's take a look at Hall-of-fame players and all mighty teams and coaches.

Off the top of my head I'm naming coaches and teams in the same Redskin era that won, or coaches that coached in or after Joe Gibbs left the Washington Redskins.

Coaches - Parcells, Jimmy Johnson, Bill Walsh, Brian Billick, Mike Shanahan, Bill Belichick, Mike Ditka, Mike Holmgren, Dick Vermeil,

Chuck Knoll, Tom Landry, Jon Madden and the Los Angeles Raiders coach that beat the skins in year "84". I left off a few coaches with Superbowl wins. But these are the closest ones that coached during the time Joe Gibbs entered Coaching and the time Joe Gibbs left coaching.

Okay, that's too many coaches. How many of those coaches above have more than 2 Superbowl rings? Okay, regardless.

How many of those coaches had dominant players ?

Okay, how many of those coaches had dominant players that coached in the same era as Joe Gibbs?

My point is, we didn't have franchise QB's like Troy Aikman, Joe Montana, Brett Favre, John Elway or Terry Bradshaw. As a matter of fact, we didn't have dominant RB's like Walter Payton, Marcus Allen, Emmitt Smith, Marshall Faulk, Franco Harris. Nor did we have dominant receivers that's in the hall-of fame like Lynn Swann, John Stalworth, Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin, Drew Pearson, etc. Okay, maybe a few recievers can be eliminated but most of the teams and players had a RB and a true franchise QB to go along with the receivers. Like Marshall Faulk with Issac Bruce, Terry Holt and Kurt Warner at his best. Troy Aikman with Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin. Or, Joe Montana, Roger Craig, Jerry Rice. Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, Franco Harris. What about Elway Terrell Davis.

Most of the combination of players with Qb's, RB's and WR's won more than just 1 Superbowl. Correct? So, let's name some Redskin players that won the Superbowl in Joe Gibbs time.

Joe Theisman, John Riggins, Charlie Brown. Doug Williams, Art Monk, Timmy Smith. Mark Rypein and whom ever else you want to throw in the mix...get my drift.

Another point, some coaches above that won Superbowls won with marginal players. As a matter of fact, 3 of them coaches are being considered some of the best if not thee best. Let's look..

Joe Gibbs

Bill Belichick

Bill Parcells

Okay, lets name these coaches best QB.

Parcells- Phil Simms

Gibbs- Maybe Joe Theisman

Belichick - As of today Tom Brady

Okay, I'll let you guys name these coaches best RB's, best WR's and best overall Superbowl team even though Parcells has only 1.

So, what were seeing is these 3 coaches that won Superbowls with marginal players. Even though parcells had LT, he was by no means a team all by him lonesome. But was definitely a player that could wreck havoc on any given play. But the rest of the team had nothing but marginal players. Okay, the Giants had one helluva defense that year. But I'm basing Parcells on taking marginal NFL teams to playoff contention when the year before those teams were just mere bottom of the pack franchises.

So, what I'm saying is it's not the players that always make the team better. But the coach that coaches the team. I'm quite sure most of you football junkies are aware of that. But why can't Joe Gibbs have a much easier time in an era that lets you buy the best players available on the FA market that money can buy?

Joe never had it so good and he even said it himself. Even though people are doubting his skills in a era that FA's are running rampant. He never really had true dominant players that he could just go out and buy to better fit his system. Joe did whatever he had to do with the marginal players he had at hand. And groomed alot of those key players to step in after other key players left.

How can you win 3 Superbowls with 3 marginal QB's and no real hall-of-fame RB's or WR's. Again, that's only if you leave out Art Monk which the rest of the Hall-of-fame world evidently wants to do. So let's exclude Art since everyone else has seemed to as well (Not).

So now, were back to how many Hall-of-fame players did Joe really have to help him win 3 Superbowls? Other than Darrell, the Hogs and Art. I would say not many if any. Frankly, the hogs made the offense click and Richie Petibon made the defense better than what they were.

So what I'm saying here is in a nutshell. Compare Joe Gibbs, Bill Belichick and the Bill Parcell Superbowl team/s to those of other coaches that had Superbowl teams. Alot of those other teams had either Franchise QB's, RB's or WR's. Better yet, some of those Superbowl teams had helluva shut down defenses with shut down players. Teams like the Bears, Ravens and the Steel Curtains of the world.

That's all I'm trying to explain here. Saying that if anything, Joe Gibbs probably gonna have a much harder time adjusting to the diffrent schemes, speed and power of the players in todays NFL. But to say he's gonna have problems dealing with the FA era is IMO total BS and way off topic. He's not going to be the one adjusting the books. All he's asking for is for Dan to provide him with the players he wants and need to better fit his system.

And Why should'nt he? He's now in an era where he can have Danny buy the best players, the fastest players and the best coaches that Danny's money can buy. So in the FA era, I'll say he's damn well up to speed:D . He Doesn't have to use marginal players in key areas like QB, RB and WR like he used to. They can now buy whatever player they need to fit Joe's system alot better than what Joe's ever had in his last coaching era.

So, the FA era may not be ready for Joe, but Joe's gonna be good and damn ready for the FA market. Smiling from ear-to ear like a kid in a candy store. Buying the best candy, I mean best players on the FA market that he can now coach like he never had before.:D .

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nuff said

once a champion always a champion.... i think when people write about Gibbs not being ready and blah blah its just something to write about in the off-season. and, remember it's just an opinion.... i happen to agree with yours vice the naysayers who think gibbs isn't ready.... i honestly think the next 5 years is going to be better than we've seen before..... i honestly think our current offense consists of some of the best players Gibbs has ever worked with (Portis, Brunell, Coles, Ramsey)... I'll admit to not feeling totally comfortable with our d-line but i think williams can get these guys to play better than we have seen in past years :2cents:

all i know is, i can't wait for the season to start and dam it feels good to be the skins

:point2sky :cheers:

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well said.

Another thing to remember is that nobody ruled the previous modified FA period like Gibbs & Co. I am talking about the time the USFL folded and all those players flooded back into the NFL. It seemed Gibbs adopted fine to the influx of new players.

for the skins, this meant gary clark, ricky sanders, doug williams, kelvin bryant, etc

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