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Manning adjusting to life with Giants

By TOM CANAVAN, AP Sports Writer

May 20, 2004

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) -- Adjusting to life in the NFL with the New York Giants is proving difficult for Eli Manning.

The top pick in the recent draft struggled on his first day of minicamp two weeks ago, and his first venture in New Jersey with his car was also disappointing: the quarterback got lost.

Manning laughed about the incident after working out Thursday at Giants Stadium.

``I kind of knew I would get lost,'' Manning said of the trip from his hotel near Giants Stadium. ``I figured it would help me find some places. I found some areas where a grocery store is, a gas station is. Simple things.''

Manning has found things far from simple since being acquired in a draft day deal that cost the Giants the rights to Philip Rivers -- the fourth pick overall -- a No. 1 pick next year -- and two other choices, one in the recent draft and one next year.

The deal also led to the waiving of incumbent Kerry Collins, the well-liked quarterback who led the Giants to an appearance in the Super Bowl in 2001.

In one of the most closely watched minicamps in team history, Manning fumbled twice, threw an interception and had another pass slip out of his hands.

Each miscue was reported.

``I didn't worry about that,'' the Mississippi product said. ``It was my first minicamp, my first practice. I don't think anyone has gone into their first minicamp or practice and had an unbelievable day, completed every ball and didn't make a mistake.''

Manning feels he has improved since that day two weeks ago. He said he is now a little more familiar working with the centers and his understanding of the offense has increased.

``In my mind, I thought I did OK,'' Manning said.

Manning said his sense of direction has also gotten better since getting lost in what he believes was nearby Secaucus.

A young man at a softball field gave him directions back to the hotel and now he knows where to stop for snacks and gas. He is also getting to know his new teammates.

The big question is, will he start this season?

Since waiving Collins, the Giants have been talking to Kurt Warner of the St. Louis Rams. Warner will be released on June 1 in a salary-cap move.

If he signs with the Giants, Manning will have to win the starting job.

``I have to see how my improvement goes,'' Manning said. ``Obviously I am going to work hard. I want to be prepared to go in there and I will do everything I can to get to that situation. We just have to see what happens.''


Giants acquire Kittner on waivers; sign McKnight

May 20, 2004

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) -- The New York Giants acquired quarterback Kurt Kittner on waivers and signed wide receiver James McKnight as a free agent on Thursday.

Kittner completed 44 of 114 passes for two touchdowns and six interceptions with the Atlanta Falcons last season. He posted a 1-3 record as a starter, with his only win coming in a 27-7 decision over the Giants.

Kittner was released by the Falcons last month. Cincinnati acquired him on waivers and released him May 10.

McKnight, who played for the Miami Dolphins last season and scored on a 68-yard run against New York, was among five free agents signed. The 11-year veteran has 222 career catches.

Also signed were receiver JaJuan Dawson, safety Jason Doering, defensive tackle Glen Steele and rookie running back Jerrmaine Green.

The Giants released safety Clarence LeBlanc, quarterback Kevin Thompson, receiver Ryan Hoag and three rookie free agents -- linebacker Lewis Moore of Pittsburgh, tight end Beau Fullerton of Tennessee Tech and running back Keylon Kincade of SMU


I guess Warner won't be going to the Giants now?

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