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Did Anyone watch West Wing last night?


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having trouble separating TV from real life? I know it looks real because of current events....but its just....a....show.

Now its starting to make sense.

Alright Kilmer. Here is the deal.

The US wanted to get their people to the site from last weeks attack where Donna was hurt and the others killed. However, before they get a chance....Israel launches an attack and the Americans can't get to the site.

Everybody except that new character played my Mary McCormick is telling the Prez to attack. Even Leo who's just in his face about it. They are giving him options but all of them include somewhere between I think 30 and 50 dead Palestinians. He keeps avoiding what seems to obvious to everybody else.

After a meeting in the war-room. Leo gets in the race of this new woman, I forget her title. Asst. something. He says this isn't the time to push personal agenda's and right now is when you help the President clearly see his realistic options.

They keep having these flash backs to the weeks right after he was 1st elected. He's getting briefed about 1,000 tropps being sent to the Phillipines (sp?) by the last Prez and he's have issues with just sending guys to die in the 1st place

They flash back and this woman is saying they should contact the PM of the Palestinians because he's offering to help catch the people who attacked those American's last week. Everybody is saying that this guy is slime, last time they tried to work with him.....he caught the Terrorists, maybe they write what they did wrong 20 times on a chalkboard....and sent them home. So, there is a rift growing there.

Meanwhile, Josh is in Germany with Donna who finally wakes up......that Photographer shows up also and you can tell that Josh is jealous of their little love relationship. He stays cool and in the background though.

At the end of the episode.....without getting an offer for official talks...the Palestinians go on TV to say they've accepted the US deal......Leo is freaking out (I think that lady is working against him)......Josh shows up and Donna is gone....blood clot or something. She goes into surgery.........semi cliff hanger.

Will we attack the Palestinians?

Will Donna die?

Is this woman working counter-productive against the White House?

Edit: ok, McCormack is the Dept National Security Advisor.

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