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OT - Williams Weed Case


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One part struck me in particluar:

Three South Florida newspapers quoted unidentified sources last week saying Williams tested positive for marijuana and faced a fine of at least $650,000 for violating the substance-abuse policy for the second time since joining the Dolphins in 2002.

$650,000?!?!?! That can't be right can it??

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Think it goes by the player's salary. This is also from the AP article...

Under league rules, a player who tests positive twice is fined the value equal to his pay for four games. According to salary data released by the NFL Players Association, that would cost Williams $878,823.53.


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Originally posted by jrfriedm

Didn't Ricky Williams just get busted for pot as well?

Hmm..wonder what they are working on down in south flordia.

Weed AND pot?! Thats it. Suspend him!!! Whats next? Marijuna? Weed is a gateway drug. This proves it.

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