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early fantasy sleeper predictions?


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who's on everyone's radar now that teams are coming into shape?

last year i asked the same thing on this board, in particular about stephen davis in carolina, he was my early sleeper and most on this board said they had too many holes and he would struggle. He ended up being my #1 back.

sleeper qb:




mike anderson

thomas jones


taylor jacobs


kevin jones

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I am not sure if u can call him a sleeper, but Cory Dillon???

I don't think the redskins defense will be a very high pick, but I think they will do a lot better then they are calling, but the best defense this year imho will be Denver.

Carson Palmer?? have never seen him play but he was great in college and sitting on the bench his rookie year, also the tutle ship of John Kitna who is comming off his best year.

I don't think he is a sleeper, but I think Mark Bulger is have a GREAT GREAT GREAT year.

Sleeper Mark Brunell?

Rod Garder? :0

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QB McCown/ARI--could be very decent; gets to run Denny's O

RB Bell/DEN--I just don't see Hearst being the main guy all year

RB Suggs/CLE--too talented to sit behind a screwup like Green

RB Barlow/SF-- looks like he'll get his chance as the #1 guy

RB Jones/JAX-- Taylor's backup is $$

WR Walker/GB--should be on everyones radar after this year

there are others but its early...

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Typically the only rookies to make a fantasy impact are RB's.

I like

Jones - Det

Jackson - Dal

I Look for Davis - Hou

and Barlow in SF, and Portis - Was, to do something.

Fantasy and the Skins are a tough call.

Portis only at this point.


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Last year I went in with the number one pick in our draft and I selected RB Ricky Williams. :doh:

He was a major disappointment. My other RB's were Tiki Barber and Eddie George. They also were disappointments.

I always take a flyer on a rookie RB, so I took Onterrio Smith but he ended up splitting duties with Williams before Bennett came back.

Well, my RB's weren't doing anything to write home about so I went out and picked up Rudi Johnson and Dominick Davis.

This year our league is going to a keeper league based on last years roster. We get to keep three players from last year.

Of all the RB's listed, which if any would you keep?

This years sleepers are going to be.

QB - Mark Brunell, Carson Palmer

RB - Lee Suggs, Marcel Shipp

WR - Justin McCareins, Ashley Lelie

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If Tatum Bell is the starter for the Broncos, he will put up Portis numbers. Bell is just as fast as Portis but a bit bigger.

Julius Jones is going to put up good numbers for Parcells. Look at Parcells history of featured backs.

Sleeper: Leftwich is a monster sleeper. He put up 14 TD's in his rookie season! He could easily put up 10 additional TD's with their good defense and improved offense.

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One guy who will want to bounce back after having his year cut short is Charles Rogers. With the addition of Roy Williams, I think Rogers could have a good year and establish himself as one the better quality fantasy receivers.

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Just remeber that the top players from last year most likely will not produce like they did in the previous year. Great example is Ricky Williams. Remeber Run Ricky Run, not last year he was stuck in the garge most of the year.

I think a Rookie Running back will make the biggest impact, which one??? Hmmm stay tuned, I think it could be Tatum Bell. Combine lighting fast speed and a good O-Line, Clinton Portis like results.

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Leftwich is a ood option. I like Tatum Bell but every fantasy draft will grab him early.

My guy who got no respect last year is WR Chad Johnson. He had huge numbers. I would bet he does the same thing this year

If Zeroue gets the start he will produce with the new raider line.

Another RB noone has talked about. Is McGahee. He could be had late and all reports say his knee is healthy.

Sleeper TE- Dallas Clark Indy. Hurt his knee last year. But is fast and can make plays.

Of course our man Cooley. just because.

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