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Cool, I'm glad you like it.

Seriously, try creating an 18 year old player and putting him at AA and playing a season like that. It is fun as hell. The minor league games are so cool, then, when you get to the majors, the atmosphere is so awsome.

The think IMO about the game that is the most realistic is the pitching. It's easy to throw fat pitches if you don't pay attention. In the past games, you just push the button and the pitch is perfect. As your pitcher gets tired in this one, the pitching meter gets tougher.

Really cool game.

Glad you like it.

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I bet Fenway was awsome.

Let me know how the NBA game is, I usually try them but this year I didn't, I'm sure it's awsome.

I have played the hockey and IMO, it's the most fun when you and a friend play co op on the same team. You can do some really sweet passing and such, it's awsome.

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