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Good thing we didnt trade


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if we wouldve traded, we could've ended up with K2, or perhaps Roy Williams.........


Redskins Note: According to an NFL front-office official, the Browns on Saturday offered their original No. 7 overall pick and a second-round selection to the Redskins in a bid to move up to Washington's No. 5 spot and take Taylor. The Browns also tried to move up to the New York Giants' No. 4 spot. After Washington chose Taylor, Cleveland got the No. 6 pick by giving Detroit the No. 7 spot plus a second-round choice.

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Winslow would have gone to Detroit at #6 so we would have had to take a D-Lineman or trade down further. If you can't get a guy you really want, you just don't trade down.

I guess Harris and Wilfork weren't as high on the Skins' list as they were on mine and some others here.

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Yea, hindsight is always 20/20.

We did the right thing. We will be able to address the D-Line during June 1st cuts.

I'm crossing my fingers that Mike Rucker and Brenston Buckner both have a falling out with Carolina and take a pay cut because they want to play for Williams and Gibbs. :laugh:

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