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I believe my nephew took one on November 11, 2001? We were at the HOGFEST that day and Marty was the coach, and we were playing the Seattle Seahawks. We were coming out of our funk and an 0-5 start, with a 3 game winning streak. The Seahawks were desperate to stay in the playoff hunt and were crawling back. It was each team's case just about for the remainder of the season.

The players came out for a warm-up and the sparse crowd began cheering, seeing number 56, then 37, then 87, ..........

Then number 28 strolled the length of the field with no pads glancing at only the goal posts, no icy stares, no backdowns either, and moved forward in a smooth, shifty glide - the cheeriing got louder for a brief. It was a clear indication of the level of game we would play that day as we beat a raunchy, mean streaked, holding, punchy Seahawks team 27 - 14.

Green was denying em' when in and it helped Stephen Davis to play ball control all game.

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