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Long before there was an America and prior to the Saviour Jesus ("hey zeus" for you hablas types) in the middle East there was a very popular figure.

Necronomicon is based on the area, fantastic demonic carvings and statues you see in classics like the Exorcist is based on art found right in Iraq well it wasnt called Iraq back then.

What I'm getting at is while its true that alot of the stuff in the US is a one way ticket to hades that is being exploited by extremists its ironic to know that the same area have a history of major tributes and sacrafice to the Lord of Darkness.

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Absolutely, Navy Dave. Nineveh of course, the city that at the time of Jonah was supposedly the most wicked in the known world, is the present day city of Mosul.

Iraq is absolutely filled to the gills with precious ancient artifacts -- and people of all walks of life (esp. farmers) come across them often. Walk into any antique store in Iraq, and you'll no doubt find a motherload of what would have been known in Biblical times as "idols".

Included are a few photos I took of such artifacts we found at an antique store in Irbil. Notice the otherwordly features of many of the figurines. Spoooooooky.

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It was succesively Assyrian, Babylonian, and Persian.

In fact, Alexander the Great faught Darius III in the definitive battle for control of Persia in (I think) 331 BC at the Battle of Arbelum. The site for the battle was approx. 30 miles east of present day Mosul (ancient Nineveh) -- smack dab in the middle of present day northern Iraq.

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