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How many yards/ TDs did Harrison have on Champ? Marvin was beating Champ like he stole something yesterday. Just like what Champ looked like in the regular season this year. Everyone knows that Champ is so aggressive that they only have to fake a short route and go deep and Champ will bite every time. Manning even said it in a sideline interview yesterday.

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Levar had a nice game Sunday.

In the regular season, the only problem I had with Lavar and his # of tackles, was the kind of tackles he was making. There is a difference between the kinds of tackles he makes and the kinds of tackles say a Derrick Brooks, Ray Lewis, etc... make. Brooks tackles seem to almost always come around the line of scrimmage. A great deal of Lavar's tackles come further down the field. Mind you, he gives a lot of effort in making those kinds of tackles, but if he learned to read offensed better, he may be able to react or guess correctly more often, which may lead to more effective tackles in which less yardage is surrendered. Greg Williams may be able to fix that.

He could also stand to lose about 10-15 lbs. for quickness and speed.

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