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Latest news - San Diego Chargers interested in Mark Brunell trade

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I get the impression that the Chargers just now found out about the Jags trading Brunell to the Skins. Otherwise why would the GM say he was contacting the Jags today to get more details. They seem to in the rear, but still could get in the picture because they have a higher #2 draft pick then the Skins. :rolleyes:


Chargers interested in Brunell

Bolts willing to talk Jags trade, GM says


February 9, 2004

Mark Brunell of the Jacksonville Jaguars scrambles during the game against the Houston Texans. The Chargers' pursuit of a veteran quarterback could take place sooner than expected.

The Chargers' pursuit of a veteran quarterback could take place sooner than expected.

General Manager A.J. Smith thought he would have to wait until March 1 to pursue Mark Brunell, but that changed in the past few days when the Jacksonville Jaguars said they're looking to finalize a trade agreement now rather than waiting until the end of the month to release the 11-year veteran.

"I'm going to try to find out a little more detail tomorrow," Smith said last night from Honolulu, where he was attending the Pro Bowl. "If this is true that they're looking to trade him, then we're more than definitely interested in exploring a trade opportunity. And if they don't trade him and he hits the streets in March, then we'll be interested then. But we won't be alone. There are other clubs that are interested in him."

ESPN.com reported late last week that Jacksonville was nearing a deal with Washington, and the Florida Times-Union followed up by saying Brunell would meet with Washington coach Joe Gibbs today in Orlando. But, as of last night, Smith said no deal had been consummated. He said he plans to contact the Jaguars as early as today to see if a trade for Brunell, 33, is possible.

The Chargers, Washington, Miami and Dallas are said to have their eyes on Brunell, the ninth-highest-rated passer in NFL history, who lost his starting job to rookie Byron Leftwich last season. And Jacksonville figures to drag its feet to see if it can drive up the price through a bidding war.

"There's no question there's one team that will do anything and money is no factor," Smith said of the Redskins. "We'll just have to see what happens. But the fact that Jacksonville is willing to go the trade route puts this in a different light. There are a lot of other things to consider, like his contract, the salary cap, the draft picks (as compensation), what other teams are offering, where Mark Brunell wants to go."

Brunell, who is due a $2 million bonus if he's on the Jaguars roster on March 1, has said he wants to join a competitive team, which would seem to put the Chargers at a disadvantage. The Chargers have had double-digit loss totals in five of the past seven seasons and, based on strength of schedule, were the league's worst team this past season. More important for Brunell, however, is that he wants a chance to start immediately.

The Chargers want to bring in a veteran to compete with incumbent Drew Brees, who was benched twice last season because of his struggles on the field and is 4-16 in his past 20 starts.

At this time, Doug Flutie apparently doesn't figure in San Diego's plans.

Brunell is 19-30 as a starter over the past four seasons, during which he was slowed by concussions and an elbow injury. Smith left no doubt that he's interested in acquiring the California native, who grew up in Santa Maria.

"I'd like to know what his thinking is and explore it," Smith said. "I admire him. He's a good quarterback and has some time left (as a starter)."

Teams aren't allowed to consummate trades until the new league year begins on March 3, but there is nothing to prevent them from working out the details in the meantime. Jacksonville officials could not be reached for comment. Neither could Brunell nor his agent.

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I don't think anyone will give up a second rounder for him.

I mean he is going to be cut come March for cap space so why would a team trade a second rounder when he might come freely?

I know the Jaguars want something for him since they will take a big cap bonus hit either way. I believe our deal would be #5 pick overall for Brunell and the #9 overall. That is the best they could ask for!

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