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The ULTIMATE slap in the Redskins' face:


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The thing to do is flood the game with skins fans. Wearing #81.

And chant "art Monk" loud and often. It IS a national game.....

maybe kind of embarassing huh?

As some over on CPND suggested, you could also have Monk as "honorary captain" for the coin toss. Not that he'd do something as low as that.

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I'm torn on this one.

I made a promise to myself not to go to the Hall of Fame until Monk is in.

However, it would be great fun to have numerous Redskins' fans at the game with signs in support of Monk. Like "The HOF is a joke if Monk isn't there." or "I'll go see my Skins play, but I won't visit the HOF until Monk is there."

Anybody planning to go to the game?

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