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C'mon Guy's....!All the NFC east team Fans know about this now!!Ramsey...53%Lewis47%.


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you since "toughness" is a subjective term (at best) the whole argument vis a vis Ray or Patrick is moot. WE like Patrick. I think he is The toughest SOB out there and I voted accordingly.

NOW fox on the other hand thought differently and changed things accordingly.

Now the real issue is the lie perpetrated here that Ray Lewis is the voters choice......Fellas we have been taken for a ride...chicago style..Politics.....

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Originally posted by Ghost Who Talks

Todd, what did I tell you?!!

Man, I knew it..i mean, as time wore on I thought maybe...but no...and this is not a matter of others being better ballot-stuffers.

No, someone rigged the results at Fox.

Yup, what can I say, I'm completely unsurprised. I discussed this exact scenario with several people, including our very own Blade. They simply did not want to allow Patrick to win the contest, as it probably amounted to bad TV/publicity in their minds, and were quite willing to do whatever they needed to make it happen.

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No offense guys, I wanted Patrick to win as much as anybody, but some of these threads/posts are starting to sound like the guys at Gangreen after another Philly playoff ousting.

I think the most logical explanation is that, as the poll came to a close, they cleared out mulitple votes from the same IP. In that scenario, I'd have to believe Lewis wins. He's far more familiar to the casual fan than St. Patrick.

I just don't see how Fox benefits or even cares who wins here?

That being said, I sent an email too, just to say it certainly smelled a little 'fishy', and because I'll secretly enjoy it if we raise enough stink to prompt a comment from Long today on the seriously crazy Redskins fans who've bombarded him with Ramsey love-letters.

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